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How I Made a Crummy Job Fun For a Moment

How I Made a Crummy Job Fun For a Moment
ChicagoNow is running a weekly special on crummy jobs. Here is my tale. In high school my old man told me I needed to get a summer job to learn the value of a dollar, so I got a job caddying at the local country club. It was a pretty fancy country club with a... Read more »

10 Worst Celebrity Transformations From Good guy to Heel

10 Worst Celebrity Transformations From Good guy to Heel
“Oh my God, and then Jake came over and he was completely wasted and was being the biggest a@$hole. Uggghh!! I wanted to punch him in the face!” -Girl on her phone next to me in Lincoln Park, or something similar about a guy being a jerk. every. single. day. If there’s one think I’ve... Read more »

Top 5 Sporting World Man Boobs

It's ironic that a man who has served as a father figure to so many, also has many qualities of a mother's figure.
Here at Lists That Actually Matter, we pride ourselves on telling all sides of the story. That much was evident yesterday when our own DanTello eschewed traditional talk of lady bosoms and filled you in on the finest man breasts that Hollywood has to offer. But that’s only part of the story when it comes... Read more »

Five Things Worse Than Tiger Woods Spitting on a Putting Green

Sexting your mistress: It's especially rude to do it right in front of the other mistresses in attendance. And the question would then become why is it OK for you to be snapping pictures on the course when you get mad at photographers for doing the same? You're shooting completely different things anyway. They're capturing everything: you, the gallery, the course. While you're mainly focused on the angle from right above your ball, straight down the shaft.
Cover your eyes and those of the nearest impressionable child. From a weekend golf tournament in Spain comes disturbing news that further portends the demise of polite society. Tiger Woods spit on a putting green. Not the green! That’s the shortest of all the grasses! You scoundrel! How could you, Eldrick? Just when we thought... Read more »