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11 Things I Want to see Invented/Made That We Already Have the Technology for

Waiter Call Button at Restaurants <br><br> Airplanes have them for flight attendants, so why don't restaurants have them for waiters? If waiters came only when they were called, wouldn't that be more efficient for everybody?
The title is pretty self-explanatory. All of us come up with ideas for things, “they oughta make”, and this is mine. It’s my first time doing a list like this so some ideas are gonna be more awesome than others, but I’d say they range from “Pretty awesome”, to, “Objectively the best idea possible”.

The People You See On Public Transportation

The People You See On Public Transportation
In addition to providing citizens with a (usually) easy, (somewhat) affordable and (sometimes) fast way to get around town, public transit also offers the chance to be stared at, sneezed on, and widely and vigorously frotteured. And while you’re more often than not doing your best to avoid contacts both eye and bodily related with... Read more »