2019 Riot Fest Schedule Announced

2019 Riot Fest Schedule Announced

Friendly rock n’ roll contrarians Riot Fest have announced their 2019 schedule and it’s printed on a Goose Island beer called “Riot Fest Sucks Pale Ale.” This approach is the first of its kind, according to Chicago-based beer magazine OctoberThese beers will be available at the festival.

Stacked to the gills with huge, diverse names that all share rebellion in common, performing bands will play a mix of fan request sets, E.P. play sets and full albums to commemorate the festivals fifteenth anniversary.


Headliner Slayer is slated to light huge shit on fire for its final Chicago show Saturday, September 14 (8:30-10), while legends like Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, Rancid, Ween and Wu-Tang offer something for everyone, nestled among some of the most famous punk bands in rock history. This year’s saucy roster of loud noises and musical activism thrashes between the importance of critical thought in a fascist landscape and the heavy, metal licks that help us forget.

In addition to regular performances, performers will deliver fan request sets, E.P. play sets and full album plays to make this anniversary celebration extra special. Click this image below for full performance details from Team Riot Fest:


If you’re unhappy about overlapping bands, it’s a symptom of the festival’s quality and Riot Fest sends their deepest condolences. “I’m sorry we booked so many bands you like,” Riot Fest said on Twitter.

We’re two weeks out, so quit your whining and make your own Riot Fest Schedule on the Riot Fest app when it’s available soon. In the meantime, click here for the full weekend schedule on the Riot Fest site and start making your plan of attack today. Tickets including single-days available here.

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