Marco Benevento Shares New Single, "Say It's All the Same"

Marco Benevento Shares New Single, "Say It's All the Same"

Pianoman Marco Benevento has released his second single and an accompanying video off his new album, Let it Slide, titled, “Say It’s All the Same.” Featuring bassist Karina Rykman on dual-vocals with Benevento and drummer Dave Butler assisting on a trio of authentic lip-whistling, the three bandmates have a total blast together and it shows.

Aesthetically vintage, psychedelic and covered in sparkles, this upbeat tune has a catchy, lo-fi vocal hook with a great meaning:

“You can say it’s all the same
We can watch it all below

You’ll feel better
When you finally let it go

I think you’ll like it more than pain
But until then you’ll never know.”


The band has come a long way featuring vocals since Benevento’s first foray away from jazz-centric instrumentals with a guest spot from Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver on Tigerface  in 2012, followed by a variety of his own vocals on 2014’s Swift. Since Rykman’s addition in 2016, they’ve created an inarguable cool-kids *vibe* you just want to be around, and it’s truly special to watch it flourish and grow.

“I started out as an instrumentalist, so I tend to write the music first and come to the words last,” said Benevento about his lyrical prowess. “Often I don’t know what songs are about until after I’ve written them, and then I start to see my own personal philosophies subconsciously bubbling up throughout the songs.” Benevento perfectly referred to his music as “hot dance piano rock.”

His band accomplishes with “Say It’s All the Same” what music videos set out to do: show you who they are and make you want more! Benevento’s band has released two singles off Let it Slide including the title track, with video here, and seem to be releasing each song separately leading up to the big album release. In the modern age where art that takes months or years to create can get sucked up into the internet in under 24 hours, it’s a gift as a listener to take some time and sit with each track; to truly appreciate it. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how all the tracks come together to eventually tell a story, the way Benevento’s work so often does.

Benevento’s late friend, 2014 album-namesake and producer Richard Swift, would love the feel of this video. Sensing his inspiration in this new video is powerful and beautiful, just like Benevento’s music. Try it on for size above, stream it here on Spotify, and get your tickets for Benevento’s Chicago show on Friday November 8 at Lincoln Hall here.

If you can’t make it that night, click here for details and all dates on their expansive tourClick here to preorder Let it Slide.


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