Set Times Announced for North Coast Music Festival: September 2-4 in Chicago's Union Park

Set Times Announced for North Coast Music Festival: September 2-4 in Chicago's Union Park
North Coast Lineup 2016

It’s that time of year again for Summer’s Last Stand! Whether you’re a seventh year Coastie, down since the inaugural rager, or this will be your first time joining in on the fun, SET TIMES ARE REASON TO CELEBRATE!!! It’s when the real planning starts (and shit-talking with your friends who like that other band instead of yours at 3PM), and I guess mostly… it feels like the fest is actually almost here! Which it is.  Held over Labor Day weekend in Union Park, we are just about three weeks away from September 2, 3, and 4th, kids.

Ticket prices go up this Monday, August 15, so pick some up here if you forgot, or have been a lazy wook and expect “your dude” to get you in, or whatever.  Gone are the acceptable days of mooching off this hardworking group of independent promoters, so don’t be that guy.  You probably won’t get in.

If you choose to have your tickets shipped, the last day to do so is August 18.  So, get on it, wooks! Tickets are available as a GA three-day-pass, a VIP three-day pass, or as single-day tickets for both GA and VIP.

Choose your own adventure, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and don’t wear a f^*&ckng Indian headdress, yo.  That is just dumb.  For more do’s and don’ts on NCMF cool-dude and moon-Goddess guidelines, check this piece out I drafted for NCMF 2014 ago called, “How to Fail at Music Festivals: 10 Things I Hate About You.”  It still holds up, and is worth a glance or five depending on your noobery.

Know your limits for intake of booze and party favors, but DO make sure to step outside your musical comfort zone while you’re at North Coast.  If your homie wants to check out Chicago DJ Select Inverse  at the Silent Disco on Friday, but you want to check out Philly beatmaker Louis Futon on the 1’s and 2’s… do both!!!  The park is just the right size to offer flexibility to dabble in all the dabs you can handle.  Mix it up! The concept of North Coast has always been to incorporate all genres of music and their fans into one big Chicago party, curated by all the city’s best indie producers, so let them give you their gifts!!!  Try something new.

NCMF 2016 Friday Set TimesSaturday

North Coast Music Festival 2016 Set Times: Sunday


Check out the before and after realness of NCMF below if you’re still not convinced.  See you at Union Park in a few weeks!



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