The 10 Worst Personality Traits of Donald Trump

Lately, the mainstream media (a.k.a. lamestream media if you support, well, any candidate) has been reporting on many of what they would like you to believe are Donald Trump’s most horrible positions and statements.  However, as #msm #lamestreetmedia tends to do, they have REFUSED to report the most disgusting things Trump does.  Come on #MSM, whose pocket are you in! Typical corporate media…

10) He hates “The Princess Bride“: 

It’s rumored that at one of Trump’s rallies he said, “If we had a wall, Indigo Montoya and his father wouldn’t even be in this country and the six-fingered man would never have had to stand his ground.”

9) He does CrossFit… and even Chris Christie is sick of hearing about it.

8) He “gets” LeBron.

7) He loves leaving Yelp! reviews.


6) He’s secretly a Bernie Bro:  Just constantly flooding your timeline with unsolicited political opinions and Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories.

5) He thinks Ted Cruz is “kind of hot.”

4) When he borrows your car, he always returns it with the empty light on:  Seriously, what a dick move.

3) He asks his friends to help him move on a football Sunday:  “But I’ll get everyone Pizza!”  Thanks, man.  It’s nice to know that you value my time at $2 an hour.

2) He never pays his fantasy football dues:
He still owes Gary Busey $75 from the 2012 season.  Donald, we both know Busey really needs that money.

1) He’s a trust fund baby who acts like he’s self-made: Whoops… this one is actually true.

(This was inspired by the awesome list “The 10 Ugliest Features of Impossibly Attractive People“)


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  • The picture of Cruz looks like he just heard the dinner bell ring.

  • Why limit it to 10? Even Brad Biggs cheats with 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d....

    AW: The picture with Busey makes them look indistinguishable.

  • Busey is the smart one.

  • In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    Anderson Cooper hasn't accused Busey of acting like a 5 year old.

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