Turbo Suit + Joel Cummins Forecasted to Meld the Musical Colors of the Rainbow at NCMF '15

Turbo Suit + Joel Cummins Forecasted to Meld the Musical Colors of the Rainbow at NCMF '15
Joel Cummins: Catch him with Turbo Suit on Saturday NCMF. 7:45-8:45

Diverse, hometown music festivals like North Coast don’t typically stack up this phat and honestly it’s a blessing.  Labor day gives us that perfect stretch back into real life, only after experiencing some of that existential new-new with the homies over the summer.  But , one challege we’ve all faced in the trying times of #firsrtworldproblems,  is that  sometimes all the friends want to go to different shows.

You’re pumped you’re actually all together at a show because it normally goes that… not everyone has the same tastes, really.  While over the fourth of July some pals chill at Lake Michigan and watch the fireworks, others go to Electric Forest, and your crew drives seven hours to the Ledges for Gratefulfest.  All are happy as can be.   But now, this is goin’ down for the sixth Labor Day in a row in our town, and the list of performers is reminiscent in variety to the very first NCMF… which was really incredible and introduced lots of people to lots of new music.  Festivals should bring people together and teach everyone new lessons, among other things, and I think the unique, nod to old-school fest style offering a myriad of genres and musical variety, only brings different beings together versus splits us apart.  And that’s a really cool thing.

While the past few years have offered a more… EDM-centric festival, it’s safe to say that React, Silver Wrapper, and other promoters of NCMF accomplished their goal of plating this year’s lineup with more spicy meatballs on (mom’s) (dance-nasty ) spaghetti.  With headliners from Southern-jam-outfit Widespread Panic, to D’Angelo and the Vanguard, to Disco Biscuits and the Chemical Brothers!!??? What. Good job, everyone.

It’s likely all those names don’t appeal to every person, but that’s kinda what I’m saying.    So .. a sweet middle ground is good to know about for “metaphorical” peace pipes, and meditative expression.  Just friendshipping in general, you know?  I kinda feel after listening to March release Out Here, that the 7:45-8:45 Saturday time slot Turbo Suit w Joel Cummins (known for his hit role as keys-wizard for Umphrey’s McGee) will be just that.

If this sounds familiar, but “Turbo Suit” does not, it is the new-ish name of the dudes formerly known as Cosby Sweater.  Sick sad world.  Those sweaters were dope. Are we not allowed to wear them anymore either?  F off Cosby.

I asked Joel himself about the band, the new stuff and how he felt they bridged the gap, so to say.  He explained that, “Turbo Suit’s music embodies everything that is great about North Coast Music Fest: it’s undeniably electronic dance music, yet the adventurousness & musicianship of the players makes every show a unique party. Hardcore EDM fans & fans of live music instantly agree that Turbo Suit flat out rules.”

Tickets for Saturday and limited-availability 3-day passes can be bought here and you can listen to Out Here below.  It really does differ from their last albums, when they were still CS.  It’s more mature and clean-sounding, in a comfortable jam way, contrived with heavy danceable rhythms and less rap-shouting which is something I did not enjoy about previous CS stuff.  No offense, just an opinion.  Cool so, come see the show.  It will rule.

Turbo Suit is David Embry (DJ/keyboards), Nick Gerlach (Sax/EWI), Jeff Peterson (Percussion). NCMF ’15 will feature Joel Cummins on keys.


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