Heineken House: The Double Entendre of Your Drink-Drank-Dance Dreams

Heineken House: The Double Entendre of Your Drink-Drank-Dance Dreams

If you’re an O.G. Coastie, I think it’s fair to say, “We’ve come a long way, baby.”  What was once just a few pop-up stages in our ole’ kickball fields, this fest has become quite expansive. In its sixth year running, North Coast welcomes new-ish addition The Heineken House into its grasps as a spot for you to sway.  If you went last year, you may recall the inaugural sizeable-rave-station, but this year, they’ve beefed it up for us with not only live-artist-installs, but tons of music and more booze as well.  With a stacked lineup throughout Labor Day weekend full of legendary and established Chicago house DJs like Moon Boots, CZR, WAZE, and R.O.N.N. amongst many  more, please make sure you’re 21+ to enter.

If you’re a teen you can eat suckers on Ashland, and stare up longingly at what it will be like when you later look down in life wishing you were still a teen again.  Don’t fall for it– it’s a trap.  STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!  But if you’re 21+ …make sure to hit the Heineken House, even if just to forget about it all for a few.  You won’t be able to miss it mid-field in Union Park, and is a really easy spot to meet friends ta’boot.  See you out there, party monsters.


Tickets for North Coast Music Festival can be purchased here (3-days are almost sold out!).

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