Four Reasons to Check out Galactic's "Into the Deep" Release Party Next Weekend

Four Reasons to Check out Galactic's "Into the Deep" Release Party Next Weekend
Galactic Sat Sept 5 Chop Shop NCMF After Show

There are a lot of solid acts to choose from over Labor Day weekend where North Coast after-parties are concerned.  They are pretty diverse across the 16-show-gamut, so I guess one could say there is something for everyone.

One of my top show choices is definitely Galactic, as they bring the funky fonky heat, and have been doin it since the way back.  Their new album, released in July 2015, “Into the Deep,” is a menagerie of both old and new and will make ya shake ya booty. I am not 420% sure but I think that’s the point of late night shows.  Whether this is your first spin or you have been seein’ them since small NOLA bars back in the day, do yourself a favor and make your way to the First Ward/Chop Shop on Sat. Sept. 5 after NCMF closes down.  You can stream the full album here, and get your after tickets here.

1. Dolla Diva (feat. David Shaw and Maggie Koerner)

Albeit a bit repetitive in full, the sexy, full-frontal voice of Maggie Koerner atop this deep fly-honey bassline really makes me happy.  It seems likely that bassist Robert Mercurio is not only wearing a slick disco suit in the studio for this take, but that each of his fingers is also snugly adorned in their own little pair of bellbottoms just to keep the funk flowin’ proper.  The lyrics are fitting and catchy, and it just kinda makes you wanna do some dirty stuff. Pretty fun jam.

2. Buck 77

Psychedelic layers of bass, horns and snare drums pair up nicely as the rhythm section to this new dance jam.  After my first listen through this one wins “Most likely to make me wanna put on my space suit and blast off” indefinitely.  Familiar Galactic undertones of waning pedal effects and a Creole-friendly sound weave amongst the more modern dance beats that define today’s popular culture in offering up this tasty little treat.

3. Domino (feat. Ryan Montbleau)

Massachusetts-based bluesman Montbleau has been around forever.  Seriously.  I’m basically 100 and I saw him in college when he had been on the road for a few years already.  Ok, so it was 2004, but he did come on a few hours’ roadtrip with us back to our small college town (Oxford, OH), from Cincinnati, and the entire time was asking “I thought it was just around the corner?” cuz well we told him that.  It was a little over an hour, though (shh).  As he still maintained his chill, we led him to a super trippy party that involved burning old couches in a bonfire that grew bigger than the house we sat behind.  He not only fit right in, but led the charge, and probably still would.  It’s cool to see his name floating around still, and I hope he continues to make music – ‘cuz that’s the dream.  Thanks, again, Ryan, and sorry for partying.  Tell Chester we said “What’s Up” from the House of Abba Zabba.

4. Does It Really Make a Difference (feat. MAVIS STAPLES Y’ALL)

Just saying: Mavis. Staples.  Known for delivering lyrical messages to open ears, I’d say she’s more than a living legend, but even an eternal Chicago blues icon.  With her O.G. Chicago ties and soulful abilities to truth-tell and lift up hope for even the most hopeless, I’m hoping for an appearance by the lovely Ms. Staples at the late-night this weekend.

1st Ward/Chop Shop

2033 W North Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60647

(312) 833-9331

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