<strong>Making static electricity makes you feel like you're creating lighting, is empowering</strong> <br><br>The first time I ever coughed into my flannel sheets (while wearing flannel pajamas) and made static electricity, I was flabbergasted. I did it again to see if it was real, and after I found out it was, I walked into my parents' bedroom and woke up my mom to tell her. <br><br> Coughing lightning would be a major achievment for people of any age, but doing so already by the age of 8 made me feel extra important. <br><br> Then my mom told me it's normal when it's that dry outside and I was fine and should go back to bed. <br><br> Did that put a damper on my lightning-coughing glee? Sure, but not so much so that I don't still do it and get a kick out of it every single time.
If every day of our Chicago winter featured temperatures in the 70’s and heavy sunshine we’d still complain. We’d complain that we didn’t have a real winter, that we never had a significant snowfall,  never had an excuse to make chili while wearing our favorite wool socks, or we’d complain that weren’t able to use... Read more »