8 Reasons to do a Jigsaw Puzzle This Christmas Season

8 Reasons to do a Jigsaw Puzzle This Christmas Season

Growing up, my family always did Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles and then as I got older I realized that wasn’t the case for everyone, and in fact, VERY few people do them. I love ’em, so I’m here to evangelize their merits. Here are 8 reasons to do a puzzle this Christmas season.

1. They are Relaxing

Working on a puzzle is a great way to unwind. If you like the quietude of relax with a book, this is just as tranquil and relaxing. If you prefer your relaxing with the TV on, you can do that too while you work on the puzzle.

2. You are Unplugged

It’s nice to not be staring at a screen once in a while. When you are working on a puzzle, the NSA, Mark Zuckerberg and the Google guys aren’t spying you, you aren’t draining your phone’s battery, there are no pop-up advertisements, no trolls are watching over your shoulder and criticizing you and there are no unwanted videos that auto-load. Just you and the puzzle.


3. You can do Just Fine Despite Having a Blood Alcohol Content Higher

Much like how Jeff Foxworthy said, “If you’ve ever been too drunk to fish, you might be a redneck”; if you ever get too drunk to do a puzzle you might have a little too much Christmas spirit. But if you enjoy relaxing with a drink or three, it won’t inhibit your puzzle skills too severely.

How do I know? That’s not important right now.


4. It Subliminally Gets you in the Christmas Spirit

It sounds weird- because it is weird- but focusing on a Christmas scene for an extended amount of time fills you with more Christmas spirit than you may think. Now I’m not saying that doing  a puzzle for 20 minutes will have you skipping down your street, giving out presents and spreading good cheer, but it still does something to you. It reminds you that it’s Christmas season just enough to prevent you from ever thinking, “Wow, it doesn’t feel like Christmas season to me. I completely forgot it’s only a couple weeks/days away.”.


5. It’s Different and can be a Tradition

I love doing puzzles, but I do them only at Christmastime. It’s nice to have a tradition or two that no one else has, and it’s fun to see which of your friends are good at doing puzzles when they come over and visit (patient people with longer attention spans do the best, in my experience). When Thanksgiving ended I wasn’t wondering how I’d get myself in the Christmas spirit, I thought, “Alright, now I can break out my Christmas puzzles” before I thought about any decorations or which Christmas movie I’d watch first.


6. It’s a Good Excuse to be in Front of Your Christmas Tree or Window While it Snows

This is maybe a footnote to #4, but a puzzle provides you with a great excuse to sit in front of your Christmas tree and bask in the twinkling colored lights. I think a lot of people envision themselves spending time admiring their Christmas tree, but are never able to find the time to just park their buns in front of it for an hour to enjoy it. A puzzle helps with that.


7. It’s Productive-ish

While it’s unlikely anyone will throw themselves in your arms and breathlessly utter, “Thank GOD you did that puzzle! If you hadn’t finished it, I don’t know what we would have done! How can I ever repay you?”, you do feel a sense of accomplishment from them.

You feel good once you finish the border, or when you get the main character finished, or when you finally connect two, big different portions you’ve been working on. I always note when I’ve finally connected the top to the bottom (and side to side) without the border. Then of course there’s a sense of pride when you finish as well.

It gives you more of a sense of accomplishment than watching a movie or looking at your phone ever affords you, anyway.

8. It’s Inclusive

If you are older than two years old, you can contribute to doing a puzzle. And if you’re 87 years old and can’t walk, you can contribute to doing a puzzle. It can provide the relaxing solitude of reading a book, or you can have four friends or family members pull up chair and feel as social as a card/board/video/parlor game.photo(4)



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