If Tauk was a Team on NBA Jams, They'd be on Fire! : A Pre-Show Q & A and a few words about 10/4 at The Abbey

If Tauk was a Team on NBA Jams, They'd be on Fire! : A Pre-Show Q & A and a few words about 10/4 at The Abbey

Sometimes things just work out how they’re supposed to.  When Tauk, 4-piece instrumental rock/jam fusion outfit, found out they were double-booked with Banda Chilacachapa, a very lively, mariachi-esque group in large numbers, at the Abbey Pub October 4, there was some concern about the size of the Green Room,  and the stage itself.  How could they fit there and would the room just be too small?  How would it sound?   That kind of stuff comes up, but it’s all about how it’s handled.  What’s that saying? “Life is 10% What happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.” … well if that’s true, then Tauk absolutely destroyed their 90% game.  Seemingly as if they were meant to play there all along, the acoustics of the room matched the energy throughout the smaller zone of love and amazing tunes- booming and packed to the gills.  In their defense, Banda Chilacachapa had about 400 band members/instruments and a Quinciniera-amount of family and people there watching the show, so, kudos to their side as well.

Just like a Quinciniera, Chicago is brings together everyone like one big family when it comes to music and the abundance of amazing live shows we get in The Middle.  After closing up festival season, it’s a joy to link up with familiar faces who also want to get out, and get on down.  When it comes to musical talent, Chicagoans have been reeling with a saturated schedule lately with bands like Dead Winter Carpenters, The Pod, Joe Marcinek Band, Matisyahu, Cosby Sweater/Chromeo, Odesza, Ryan Adams, Foo Fighters, Beats Antique/Shpongle/Emancipator, Dopapod/The Coop, and the final shows for This Must Be the Band all coming through just so far in October.  It’s really great to see locals The Coop and EGi opening for touring acts, too, as they deserve to expand their audiences and maybe reach some people who wouldn’t have known about them prior.

Local opener for Tauk,  EGi (Ethereal Groove, Inc.) really brought it home this night.  The crowd was still filling in, but due to sheer size of the space and their awesome collaborative vibe, it seemed like the room was shoulder to shoulder already.  They really gave a feeling and got everyone moving, and seemed to have a blast doing it.  It also really got the room ready for the headliners out of MonTAUK, New Jersey 😉 which is what a good opener does.  Kudos, EGi, hope to see you again soon.

Heading downstairs to check in with the band before the show was a real treat.   A very, very silly treat.  It’s fun to have fun, and these guys are a blast.  Day three into a heavy tour through Thanksgiving, they pulled in for their 3rd show here in the windy city, starting first at Tonic Room, then hitting Cubby Bear, and now to The Abbey Pub, which would have expanded them size-wise each show if not for the double-booking.  As noted, however, it seemed meant to be, as the room just sounded so crisp and everyone was just getting down so hard, encouraging the band to just keep pushing.  Notably after dropping the Kill Bill theme song, everyone really loosened up and got into the groove along with the band, like one big happy  party.  We had talked about this and other covers around the 10:00 mark below…check it out for more insight on how Tauk chooses their covers, and intro/exit music.

These guys pick up on this stuff like everyone feelin Kill Bill– the feelings of the crowd – that’s who they are, a live band.   In our conversation before the show, they pointed this out saying, “When  you go to a live show, …I think about what I want to see…what I’m wow’d by.  There’s these elements in the show, and I think we try to maintain or keep that idea in mind.  When we’re composing, or writing…because we are a live band.”  They say they hope to compile some of the highlights from the 42-shows-before-Thanksgiving into a special live audio-recording album sometime in the near future. “We want to do something different.  It’s how you progress, and make something new.”

They certainly have made something new, putting out two albums in two years, and playing at countless festivals over the past summers.  Notably this year, they stated their Lockn’ appearance was their highlight, as even at 1 PM, it was the biggest crowd they’ve played for.  The lineup was that of all-star rock-n-roll dreams, and Tauk said to be a part of it was just the cat’s pajamas.

Here is the full Q & A from before the show, recorded for your pleasure.  Note the Mariachi-sounds of Banda Chilacachapa in the background & the little interruption by security around 6:55…all around good stuff, guys.   Below, tune into a partial show recording from the kickoff of this Oct 4 show at the Abbey, and the new album Collisions (2o14), as well as prior album, Homunculus (2013), in their free-stream glory/entirety. Thanks, Tauk, and break a leg on the rest of your tour!

Partial-show and Q & A audio courtesy Joey Clay, also know as Wwhat_if on Mixlr…check him out.  Tauk is: Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (Keyboards), Isaac Teel (Drums).  The first three listed have played together since middle school, with Isaac jumping in three years ago & not looking back since!









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