7 Opinions of Mine That Usually Lead to an Argument



1. As good as Kanye’s old music was, it’s hurtful to listen to it now because he is so weird.  He and his music went from so real and melodic to so fake and noisy.

2. Seinfeld (tv show) was good, but too whiny

3. Fantasy Football is lame. How ego-centric do you have to be? “Oh NFL, you have teams? Well, I will have you know that I have my own team, thank you very much. And I like MY team much better than any of yours.”

4. Wearing the sports jersey of another man is even lamer. What if you were out with your girlfriend or wife in a jersey of another man, and then that other man walked into that place and started talking to you both and hitting on your wife/girlfriend. Wouldn’t that feel awkward?

5. Our last two presidents are war criminals.

6. No awards show is watchable. I understand why an industry would want to have an awards night for their field, have nothing against that. But how watching that is entertainment for some people, or how those awards somehow “make history” is wildly absurd to me.

7. Each selfie posted to social media erodes your hotness by .15 points on a 10 point scale.


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