The 10 Sexiest Women in Songs: Women in Songs Theme Week Day 2

Women in Songs Theme Week Day 1: Tragic Women

This is pretty straight-forward so feel free to stop reading this part and get right to the 10 sexiest women in songs.

If, however, you’d like a long-winded version of my criteria for this list, you can keep reading.

These lists are about women mentioned in songs and not about the songs themselves. The lyrical description of the woman in the song is the only factor I used for these (scientifically precise) rankings.

So I did not take into consideration how popular the song or artist became or how even how sexy the song itself is from a musical standpoint. Santa Baby is a very sexy song, but it isn’t about a woman, so it won’t appear on this list.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is a classic, but we don’t know much about her. She has brown eyes, she and the singer did some “laughin’ and a runnin'”, “skippin’ and a jumpin'”, “making love in the green grass”, “slippin and a-slidin”, “standing in the sunlight laughing”, singing of “sha la la la la la la te da”,  and finally “Going down the old man with a transistor radio”, whatever that means. It’s a very well-liked song that paints a lovely picture of young love, but we still don’t know much about the girl herself.

I also did not factor in any description where the lyrics described how severely the singer was affected by said woman, (e.g. “you make a grown man cry”, “I’d sell my soul for you, babe”, “you rocked my world”), as that describes the singer and not the woman.



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