7 Things You Never Read in Obituaries but Should

I bet you interact with at least 10 annoying people everyday. They might be outright rude, or just inconsiderate. Maybe they’re painfully bad at their job and it grates on you. It’s possible a nearby service worker always gives you the same trite answer they think is so clever when you ask how they are doing, and that got old over a year ago. Or maybe a blogger gives too many examples of something that required no examples….

My point is that we are surrounded by people we consider to be A-holes.  But if Martians came here and all they knew about Earthlings is what they read in obituaries, they’d be positive an a-hole has never lived on Earth.



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  • Probably related to this topic is some reporter asking the relative of someone who was just gunned down in a drive by shooting "how do you feel?"

    Instead of the innocent bystander stuff, I'm waiting for a relative to say "I'm glad that scum is gone."

  • BTW, is picture #3 of W. Rockwell Wirtz?

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