6 Reasons Conservatives are Hypocrites to NOT Support Ferguson Protests

It’s unreasonable to expect others to agree with you about everything, all you can reasonably ask for is that the other person is consistent in their beliefs.

Baseball is a great example of this. A manager doesn’t expect every ball or strike call by the umpire to go his way, he just wants the umpire to have a consistent strike zone. It the umpire calls a pitch that is two inches off the plate a strike for one team, even though it may be incorrect, the call is still fair as long as he calls the same pitch a strike for the other team. Any baseball manager will tell you that thy don’t expect an umpire to get every call perfect, all they can reasonably expect is that the umpire has a consistent strike zone.

In other words, consistency is the closest approximation to perfection that us imperfect humans can aspire to achieve.

Much like a baseball manager, I don’t ask that everyone’s political views be the same as mine- because that would be unreasonable. But what is a reasonable expectation is that your political views be consistent.

While reading and watching news about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the killing of Michael Brown, it seems as though many conservative voices are inconsistent with a few of their previous political opinions.

Here are a few examples.



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  • Honest question here: Where are the conservatives that are in support of the fiasco that is Fergusen? I am a more libertarian leaning conservative and am disgusted at what transpired there. Most of the conservative leaning bloggers I have read are also disgusted. They support the constitutional right to protest. They support the constitutional right of the store owners to protect their stores with firearms. And they support the officer's constitutional right to due process rather than declaring him a murder.

    Do you have examples?

  • In reply to Rick Bohning:

    Honest answer: I don't understand your question. Are you asking if I have examples of blogs you have read?

  • Sorry. Let me try again. You gave a lot of examples of hypocrisy. Stuff I haven't seen. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that you and I read/view in different circles. So, I was wondering if you have any examples of conservatives opposed to peaceful protest in MO. Also, do you have any examples of conservatives supporting the militarization of the police in MO?

    I am definitely opposed to these things, as well as the restrictions placed on the media there. But, I also do not want to try the officer, nor Michael Brown in the court of public opinion or the court of social media. Each of these individuals deserves a day in court. Sadly, Michael Brown will not get his.

  • In reply to Rick Bohning:

    My writing was not a response to any specific media voices and was based more upon conversations I had this weekend with a few family members and acquaintances.

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Gotcha. They should have their conservative cards revoked. They give us impeccably reasoned individuals a bad name! (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek)

  • The main assumption in all your pictures is that the protest was peaceful. Obviously, some one is looting the town bare. The governor took out the redneck local cops and brought in first the state police and then the national guard, and people kept rioting after dark, even though the preachers and such said to stop. Now Chuck Gowdie says most of them are outsiders, but I suppose you would also classify people burning down the west side of Chicago over Martin Luther King Jr. being killed as peaceful protest.

    Apparently, your few family members and acquaintances are not informed, That is, unless this, like most of your posts, was supposed to be humorous and sarcastic.

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