Celebrities Who Don't Look any Smarter Wearing Glasses

Even marginally smart-looking people look smarter wearing glasses. In fact, you’d have to look like a real dolt to not look any smarter in glasses.

Here are a few such celebrities.


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  • I think it's just because they're near-sighted....yeah that's it that's the ticket.

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    But there is the old Chicago joke:
    Police Officer: You license says you have to wear glasses.
    Driver: But I have contacts.
    PO: I don't care who you know, you still have to wear your glasses.

    Taylor Swift looks more intellectual in the video at Hardee's in glasses than her doppelganger character without them. But maybe it was just to look like a nerd, which the Seth and Jonah and Britney ones demonstrate.

  • Maybe SpongeBob's got porer because he's constantly under pressure.

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