7 Most Worthless Questions Heard on Sports News Shows

There is a lot of demand for sports news but there isn’t quite as much demand for sports talk, although it is in copious supply.

Every sports fan wants to hear the latest news about their favorite teams, players, rivals, etc.  But what they don’t all need is to listen to four dudes giving their opinions abut that latest news.

And let us not forget those shows are on everyday. Rain or shine, sports stories or no sports stories. Every time I’m accidentally overhearing sports talk radio it sounds like they stretch about 20 minutes worth of content into a three hour show. I always picture the producer of that show standing there pressing his fingertips together then pulling them apart while clasping his hands making the “extend” motion.

If you like the Bears, I can understand you wanting to watch Bears games or listen to news about the Bears. But it’s more difficult for me to understand why you want to listen to a panel of dudes opine verbosely about the Bears for an hour after they just watched the same game you did. That’s like someone who really likes eating pizza not being able to find any pizza, so instead he just turns on the TV to watch other men talk for an hour (with commercial interruption) about the pizza they just ate.

This list is devoted to the biggest of the extending-trade in the realm of sports talk: The worthless, open-ended, expository question designed to waste time.



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  • I have to share this post with my husband because it sounds like me when he's listening to certain shows. Then I can get him to mock it with me and we actually have more fun that way than listening to the goofy sports shows.
    I enjoyed looking through those pictures also!

  • Wouldn't the average female sideline reporter asking "How did you feel," fall into this category, unless she is asking Brandon Marshall?

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