The Chicago Independent Radio Project Wants YOU! To Beef Up Your Dope Vinyl Collection

The Chicago Independent Radio Project Wants YOU! To Beef Up Your Dope Vinyl Collection

In its 12th year running, the 2014 CHIRP Record Fair will be going down this Saturday right over ‘der, close to Union Park, at the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union (1340 W. Washington Blvd).

Northcoasters and Pitchforkettes alike can affirm this sacred zone, and CHIRP is definitely manifesting some of the rich musical magic spilling over from this majestic landscape.  Maybe once you even played kickball there, or “someone you know” buried booze in the ground so they could go dig it up once he got through security scott-free at one of the aforementioned festivals.  Who knows.  You could have a variety of my very own memories, possibly.  Either way, Bottom Lounge is also closeby, which is a blessed concrete throne of the shakiest booties, as is Twisted Spoke which has all the best whisky, a precursor for tons of Rock n Roll-  that I’ve heard of at least.  These are all hints to lead you to the buried treasure that is digging through crates.

This event is gonna be cool, so you should go even if you’re not.  It ‘s only $5 with this flyer (otherwise $7), good for entry 10 am – 7pm Saturday, but if you know a thing or two, one of those things you probably know is that going late(r) means being left with the barebones, Linda Ronstadt, ratty sleeved leftovers from the smarties who went early (no offense LR fans, it’s just symbolism*).   If you have the balls to go wait in line on a Saturday to prepare for the 8am-10am slot, you can pay $25 and be likely buffing your wax-onyx from the time Continental employees will be heading home from Friday night.  It’s your chance to be the first-to-find-clean-Lou-Reed-re-relases-for-maybe-cheap whilst also being amongst the nerdiest collectors (the best kind).  Throughout the day, lots of local food, booze & tasty caffeinated treats will also be served, like an indoor street festival basically.  But you get to buy records. So tight.  Pro Tip: bring a few canvas totes, guys and gals.

Michelle Nadeau, CHIRP’s Record Fair Director, weighed in with some insight that should level the playing field for audiophiles, vinylphiles, and total noobs alike*.  Here she go tho…thanks, Michelle:

—   —   —-

Q: For  those unfamiliar with CHIRP, can you please shed some light on what you do, why you do it, and why you are unique?

A: CHIRP Radio is an online independent community radio station, here in Chicago that represents underrepresented and local music, as well as supports local community events and non-profits. CHIRP also has worked hard to encourage the federal government to remove existing barriers to the granting of low power FM (LPFM) radio licenses in urban areas, including Chicago. The Federal Communications Commission is currently considering more than 2800 LPFM applications that resulted from its fall 2013 license application window, its first in thirteen years. CHIRP submitted a broadcast license application during that window, and is awaiting the results. So, look for CHIRP on the dial soon! (hopefully)
Q: How has it changed since its inception?
A: It has grown! When the CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights first started, it was in a smaller location, with a smaller group of dealers and attendees. This year, we have 60 vendors, food from Big Star and Upton’s Breakroom, coffee from Dark Matter, and beer provided by Goose Island. We hope to have 1,500 attendees!
Q: What are some special features surrounding your Record Fair?
A: The CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights features a large stage that will be filled all day long with fun DJ sets, and a music quiz by CHIRP DJ Austin Harvey. Also, this is the largest record fair in the city of Chicago, so attendees will really be able to dig deep into the crates of our trusted vendors.
Q: Is all the music for sale, independent?  How do you obtain the records you’ll be selling?
A: All of the music varies per vendor. Some of the music is independent, some is rare, some is new… it just totally ranges, which makes it more fun! CHIRP will have a couple of tables where we will be selling records that get donated to us by Chicagoans. You can really find some awesome treats in our stacks!
Q: Can you speak on the Early Admission Ticket pricing, and how it is a benefit?  Not just for big collectors, but for anyone else interested as well?
A: Early bird Admission starts at 8am, goes to 10am, and is $25. Early bird access gives collectors a chance to get in first, and get their hands on the best stuff that our vendors have brought to sell. There is usually a line of collectors waiting to get in at 8am!  Because, once it’s gone, it’s gone!
Q: How is the Admission money used after the event is over?
A: All benefits proceed CHIRP, and our normal operating budget. Specifically, if our LPFM license gets approved, we’ll need to pay to get up and running so you can tune in on the dial!
Q: In what ways can Chicago community members get involved with CHIRP?
 A:You can listen to CHIRP, you can go to CHIRP events, you can donate money to CHIRP, you can become a sustaining member, or you can become a volunteer! CHIRP is volunteer driven, and has close to 250 volunteers. There’s so much to be a part of, from programming and reviewing new releases, to writing promos, to events, marketing and more! You can sign up for our next orientation meeting at
Q: What other events do you run besides this one that people should be aware of?
A: Coming up right after the CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights, we’ll be hosting the First Time Series, First Time: First Move at Martyrs’ onApril 16. CHIRP Radio’s Live Lit and Music series, The First Time, pairs a reader’s personal story about a “first time” event with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by The First Time Three. The band takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements, so it is hard to tell what the audience enjoys more – the story or the song (we think both!). More information on the event can be found at We also attend all the summer sidewalk festivals, so check us out!
Q:Do you ever run contests, etc on your website for concerts or events?
A: We sure do! Just listen to for a chance to win concert tickets, or tickets to other cool events!
— — —
The 2014 CHIRP Radio Record Fair will be held this Saturday, April 12, from 8 A.M. – 7 P.M. at the Journeymen Plumbers’ Hall, 1340 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607.   Admission: $25 for early admission, 8-10 A.M.  From 10 A.M.-7 P.M.,  $7/$5 with Record Fair flyer or ad.
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