I Outlived Jesus! My 34 Favorite Songs to Listen to on my 34th Birthday

I Outlived Jesus! My 34 Favorite Songs to Listen to on my 34th Birthday

I decided to make myself a playlist for my birthday and you’re all invited to celebrate and listen with me.

If you don’t like these songs I would apologize but it’s my birthday, so I’m not gonna.


1. the most underrated birthday song ever

2. Such a fun song. This is the last one from a tv show/movie. For my money, this is Matt Damon at his best

3. I need a smart girl with a dumb booty. It’s true.

4. Gun to my head, this is my favorite rap song ever.

5. 2nd of 3 Lil Wayne Songs.

6. Last of the Lil Wayne series. I’ll bring it to your front door like you ordered me.

7. My own mama say I’m thug’d out

8. This song makes me proud to be a poor, black, drug dealer from Brooklyn who made something of himself (even though that’s not technically* true for me) . All I could find was the edited version, sorry.

* denotes- whatsoever

9. My Freshman year of college this song got thumped by someone in my corridor every hour and it’s always gonna sound cutting edge to me.

10. maybe the smoothest, most head-bobbinest song there ever was

11. I adore Jimmy Buffett’s music but I think this is my favorite song of his.

12. I’m a 34 year old bachelor and I discriminate on appearance and intelligence, but not on nationality. The older I get the more I’m feeling this song.

13. I’m gonna love this song forever.

14. Maybe the best part of my 33rd year was winning The Kup, and the best part of winning the Kup was putting our rival, WBEZ, to sleep in the playoffs. We bring out the best in each other and after nearly getting a fight with them a time or two, the hook to this song repeats in my head while we play them: don’t start no shit, there won’t be no shit. I listen to it before we play them and they’re my favorite team to play.

15. A beautiful song from a different era and it has a great back story to boot.

Full disclosure: I have no idea what “to boot” actually means.

16. Not a great song, but I still love it.

17. Big ups to clean motors

18. You’ve never heard this song because all you know about Frank Sinatra is his greatest hits albums. I’m here to help.

19. This song paints a better mental picture than just about any song ever. If you love women, you love this song.

20. I listen to this when I’m mad at girls

21. I truly love this song and video. The dance part at the 4:54 mark  is arguably my favorite dance sequence in any non-Michael Jackson video.

22. All that you need is in your soul

23.  great party song

24. This song blows me away every time and I love Sublime’s cover of it too.

“Well there aint nothing with the way she moves, or her scarlet begonias or her touch of the blues. And there’s nothing wrong with the look that’s in her eye, I had to learn the hard way to let her pass by” is some of the best dating advice I ever received.

25. I love crap rap and for my money this song was it’s zenith even tough all I could find was the edited version, sorry. It doesn’t do it full justice, but you get the idea.

26. I love NWA and this song is the best song to run to. If your legs are feeling dead and you have 4-5 minutes left of your run, play this then thank me

27. The crown jewel from the gangster rap era

28. This was the late 90’s version of You Shook Me All Night Long.

29 .Annie Hall is one of my favorite movies primarily because of how it ends, and this song makes the same point but in a very different way.

30.  Coke, rum and indo fill my body where’s the party?

31. This video shows only half the song, but if this played at my party,  my buns would be risin’ up off my seat with a quickness.

32. I got one bullet left in my 9, I’m finna do a love crime

33. Do I love some Eurotrash music? Guilty.

34. This is track #34, but I’ve lived only 33 years, so this is a bonus track. I fancy myself to be a classic, so I chose a song from a classic album. Lastly, I’ve known ONLY one person who owned the Snoop Doggy Dogg CD that featured this bonus track and he’s the only reason I know this track exists, big birthday ups to my often-buzzin cousin Jimmy.

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