6 Web Headline Teasers That Don't Work on me

If a newspaper headline can be imagined as something read aloud by Walter Cronkite to a captive audience, then a web headline could be  analogous to something yelled out by a  carnival barker; an enticing-yet-veiled promise for all at the carnival to come have a closer look.

Then by the time you have a closer look you realize that it’s something you are not interested in, and wish the guy had been more up front in the first place so you wouldn’t have wasted your time on something so unappealing.

Then after that, you find out a blogger writes a metaphor about a carnival barker that went on too long.

Here are six web headline teasers that don’t work on me (because they annoy me).


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  • Ha ha, I roll my eyes when I read epic also. But I am a complete sucker for those tests and quizzes and I know I shouldn't be!

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