12 Common Events Annoying People Put on Social Media Every. Single. Time

In real life the Golden Rule is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But on social media the golden rule appears to be, “Show others whatever you want,  even if it’s the kind stuff that annoys you when other people post it. Screw them, this is about me!”

Here are 12 common events that nearly everyone agrees are annoyingly pointless to chronicle on social media, yet people still do them all the time anyway.


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  • In my opinion "trending" means "ad nauseam".

  • This post was not only funny but so true. And here I thought I was the only one with the belief that less is better....... TRSlyder just confirmed that it is. :) Thank you!!!!!

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    My pleasure, thank you for reading

  • Be assured I never post that I am working out. Ha ha!

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    LOL, that's hilarious

  • So funny and true! Thanks so much

  • This was spot on and hilarious. I shared it on my blog's FB page (what I really mean: I also have a blog, you're not that special).

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    Thanks AK

  • One thing I find more annoying than any of these are the people who repeatedly post every malady, illness, accident, trip to the doctor's office/ER, etc. right down to the smallest detail. I don't need to know the results of the 20 times you've had your urine/blood/fingernails tested in the lab or how incompetent the dozens of doctors/specialists--who can't for the life of them figure out what is wrong with you--are. Write those things down in a journal or something.

    I also find people who complain on social media about what others are doing on social media annoying. Yes, I CAN live with being a hypocrite.

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    That's odd! I don't have any social media friends that post that kinda stuff about their health like that. Ewww, creepola.

    I don't view it as wholly hypocritical. I mean, we all complain about our families but love them dearly, or complain about our cars before we start the engine. This isn't anything different.

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    Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I was calling myself a hypocrite for complaining on social media about people who complain on social media. I was attempting a bit of self deprecating humor. Looks like I failed.

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    Just chillin' while waiting for my flight with my nephew, as we're heading out to visit my Mom. We rescued some baby ducklings on the way to the airport. They were hungry so we picked up some take-out from that trendy new restaurant and fed them the crumbs. No time to work out today, but I did twice on Monday in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr Day. I'm helping my mom plan our cousins wedding since I'm the best man. My Mom and I plan to do some shots of Jack Daniels! That is all.

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    That was tremendous, Kevin! That is probably the most complete social media update possible

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    You know what's also annoying? People who bitch about other peoples status updates.

  • Soooo right. Bitching about blog posts? Totally different!

  • nice. I now have a bunch of running "buddies" posting their mileage. Some kind of group goal motivation BS.

    Nice blog, you hit them all, the post where folks regale the behavior of their significant other, spouse etc, and end with "thanks honey", I have to ask, why post? If that is the reward for good behavior...I think we can find a better way to reward good behavior....

  • Hmm...as I look at your list, it appears that you object when someone posts something that is SPECIAL to them. Celebrating family and friends, travel, etc. So what do YOU think is approiate to post? Are you going for the things that aren't special? "I had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast this morning", or on the other extreme should we only post if we win an Oscar or the equivilant? If you don't enjoy those kinds of posts, your best bet is to delete your facebook account. I don't post day to day occurances, but when I do something special, I brag about it by posting. I'm fine with that and admit it. And when my friends post similar items, I congratulate them, "Hey, great! Cool place to go! I'm envious!"

  • In reply to finzleft:

    If you're doing something great and post an update about it- I'm totally fine with that and acknowledge there is a fine line between spreading joy and bragging. That's why I didn't mention vacation photos as annoying or bragging. What I don't like are the updates that try to come off as innocuous but are more humble-bragging- like the workout updates that try to come off as "I'm just letting you know what's new with me", when the tone of the update is really, "look at me being productive!".

    The updates I'm ok with, but are not limited to: links to something thought-provoking or joy-sharing, a joke, something someone is excited about (e.g. seeing an old friend, a movie that night, etc.) a recommendation for a good book/tv show/movie/product, updates that fill me in with what's new with a person and take the place of emails (new job, moving, major purchase, etc.), their reaction to a newsworthy event (e.g. Oscars, a huge news event, a sports game, etc.), photos of friends or family having a good time (admittedly room for bragging gray area with this one), an interesting quotation, something funny or random that just happened they had to share (e.g. my friend Mike said his phone slipped outta his hand on the el platform but managed miraculously to reach out and catch it before it hit the ground. I found it relatable and amusing) , visually pleasing photos (e.g. landscapes, cityscapes, pets, kids, random, funny, etc.), a news item I was maybe unaware of, what's new locally where a friend lives, etc.

    I also think it's about the ratio of your updates. If all you do is brag and humblebrag, then I'm likely to find your next braggy update to be more annoying than the braggy update of someone who rarely brags.

    Thanks for reading!

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