How Well Do you Know The Lyrics of These Christmas Classics?

How Well Do you Know The Lyrics of These Christmas Classics?

A few disclaimers here. These songs just happen to be my favorites, so that’s why they are on here. I’m not claiming they are comprehensively the best or I have good taste or anything like that, I just went with what I knew. You might notice I’ve been heavily influenced by the Time Life Treasury of Christmas album.

As we know, there are lots of different versions of Christmas songs and many have their own lyrical tweaks, that’s why I mentioned the musician’s specific version I’m asking about. If you’re not familiar with the specific version I’m asking about, sorry. I tried to weigh most songs relatively evenly- so it’s not like you’d get 10 points if you’re familiar with Jingle Bell rock, but only 1 point if you know Christmas in Hollis forward and back.

There are 43 points possible and the answers appear if you scroll way down past the final question which is #27.

Cheating is allowed, but is allowed only if you admit you’re loser for cheating at this.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas


Last Christmas- Wham

1. Finish the lyrics: Now I know what a fool I’ve been, but…….

2. Finish the lyrics: My God I thought you were someone I could rely on. Me?……

Here Comes Santa Claus- Elvis

3. Elvis mentions two reindeer by name before saying “(and) all his reindeer…” Which two does he name? one point for each.

4. Elvis tells the listener to jump in bed and do what, because Santa Claus comes tonight?

Holly Jolly Christmas- Burl Ives

5. Where is the mistletoe hung?

Christmas Wrapping- the Waitresses

6. What is the only thing mentioned to be “too strong”

7. In the springtime, what prevented them from reconnecting?

8. In the summertime, it was her fault they couldn’t get together. What was the reason?

9. One other missed connection’s excuse was, “this time his car wouldn’t go”. Where had they planned on going?

Zat you, Santa Claus?- Louis Armstrong

10. Fill in the two blanks: Are you bringing a present for me? Something _______ _______ for me”. Point awarded only for it being completely correct.

11. When Louis sees an eye on the other side of the door, does he see it though….

a) a hole in the door

b) the crack in the door

c) keyhole

d) peephole

e) under the door


2 versions of Merry Christmas Baby- one by Etta James

and the other by Bruce Springsteen

12. What time did Santa come down the chimney?

13. Both songs mention the same time, however one version says he “..came down the chimney, (the time)”, and the other says “Santa Came down the Chimney at about (the time)”. Which version says “about”?

Christmas in Hollis- Run DMC

14. Mom is cooking chicken and collards greens, macaroni and cheese, and two other items. Name the items for a point each.

15. Only one specific time of day or night is mentioned in this song. What time is that?

16. When our narrator (Darryl, as he later calls himself) found a letter from Santa, where did he find it?

Adeste Fideles- Andrea Bocelli

17. It’s all in Latin, but the two words he sings most often in the song are neither Adeste nor Fideles. Name one for a point, name them out of order* for two points and if you them in order I’ll give you three points.

*order meaning the more-repeated word is listed first

Carol of the Bells

18. Two different things are described as “joyful” in this song. each one is worth a point.

White Christmas- Bing Crosby

19. What do children listen for?

20. In the song’s rhyming pattern, two words are rhymed with “white”. Name them for a point each.

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee

21. Fill in the missing five words, “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, let the Christmas spirit ring, Later (blank blank blank blank blank) and do some caroling”. One point for having it all correct (or very close)

22. Fill in the missing five words again, “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop, mistletoe hung where you can see, (blank blank blank blank blank) Rockin around the Christmas tree…”. One point for having it all correct (or very close)

Jingle Bell Rock- Brenda Lee

23. The word “time” is mentioned often and is mentioned after four different words. The first example of this is the word “bell”, when we hear, “Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time“. Name the other 3 words that precede “time” in this song for a point apiece.

Santa Baby- Eartha Kitt

Of all the tangible things she asks Santa for, two of them were in a plural form and the rest she asked only for one of them.

For example if she said, “Santa baby bring me a book” that would be asking for one, singular book. But if she said, “Santa baby put some books in my stocking” I’d count that as plural.

24. there two items she asked for more than one of. Name them for a point each.

25. How many other (singlular) things did she ask for? Must get number exact.

Bonus point if you name all of them.

The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

26. Other than the word “being” when Nat sings, “Yuletide caroles being sung by a choir”, 3 words are used that end in -ing. All verbs. Name them for a point each.

All I want For Christmas is you- Mariah Carey

27. In this song Mariah says the word “I”, a lot. The following questions are about the words that follow the word “I” in this song.

Not counting the example below, there are 7 different words that directly follow the word “I” in this song. For example,

“(And I) I’m just gonna keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe”. In this case the answer I’m looking for is “I’m”. I omitted it because of the possible confusion with saying I then I’m. But if she said, “I think I feel good”, that would be two answers- think and feel.

If you can name all 7 you get 5 points, if you name 5 or 6, you get 3 points, and if you can name 3 or 4 I’ll give you 2 points.


Answers appear below starting with #1


scroll down more








1. If you kiss me now, I know you’d fool me again. Give yourself a point if you’re close enough for this fill in the blank and all others. (1 point possible, cumulative so far)

2. I guess I was a shoulder to cry on. (2 points possible so far)

3. Vixen, Blitzen (4 points possible)

4. Cover up your head (5)

5. Where you can see (somebody waits for you) (6)

6. Bah humbug (7)

7. “Couldn’t agree when we were both free” (8)

8. sunburn in the third degree (9)

9. Halloween party (10)

10. Pleasantly pleasant (11)

11. c, keyhole (12)

12. Half past three (13)

13. Etta James (14)

14. rice and stuffing (16, two were possible there)

15. 12’clock (17)

16. under the tree (18)

17. 1) Venite, 2) Adoremus (21, 3 points possible for both in order)

18. ring and tone (23)

19. to hear sleigh bells in the snow (24)

20. bright and write (26)

21. We’ll have some pumpkin pie (27)

22. Every couples tries to stop (28)

23. bright time, right time, swell time (31)

24. Checks and decorations (bought at tiffany) (33)

25. 6 others (sable, convertible, yacht, deed (to a platinum mine), duplex, ring) (35)

26. roasting, nipping, offering (38)

27. I Don’t, I need, I just, I want, I won’t, I do, I hear (43 possible points)



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