5 Most Annoyingly Played-Up Accents by Rappers

5 Most Annoyingly Played-Up Accents by Rappers

You know how some most Italian people can’t help but selectively brandish their Italian accent when describing food- because they think it ups their Italian cred if they call mozzarella “mutza rell”?

Well Rappers are no different. When they’re doing their swag brag, they love to play up their respective provincial accents. Here are the 5 rappers who love it the most.

5. Fat Joe

If he weren’t frontin’ he would probably tell you that he eats a lot of PORK on the end of his FORK, and some of his outfits make him look like a DORK, and he was so fat as he kid he was delivered by a Buzzard instead of a STORK.  But his home? New YOCK NEW YOCK, Baby.

The -ork makes a different sound when there is a “New Y-” in front of it.

4. Baby

Baby, you think your mumbling is actually very glamorous and you love it when your English dialect requires English subtitles on television, we get it.

3. LL Cool J

See #5 + licking his lips whilst rubbing his palms together in front of his chest. New Yorkers are just the worst when it comes to being annoying.

2. T.I.

Every time I’ve heard him talk since 2007 I think the same thing.  “Daaaang…..That guy sure does love ending sentences with “partner” pronounced as “padnah” while discussing his life of crime to children in front of television cameras. ”

1. Peed, did he? P. Diddy

See #5 and #3. The problem though is that his annoying hyped up accent is playing…ALL in the video….all on a record, dancin’….

like this stain on the 3:14 mark of this rap classic.

Puff, I could make funna you aye weekin.



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