6 Ways Wes Welker Should Answer the Manning vs. Brady Question

6 Ways Wes Welker Should Answer the Manning vs. Brady Question

As the only player (so far) to catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Wes Welker for will forever be asked:  Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, who ya got? Since thinking about how many times he will be asked at that exact question throughout  the rest of his life almost makes me feel physically uncomfortable and bad for him already,  I have 6 suggestions.

My rationale for my 6 suggestions is below, but the bottom line is that Welker’s answer will have to achieve three things, 1) it can’t be, “Do you know how many people ask me that question? Get a life.” and for the sake of his public image, ideally he’d at least feign caring about the question. 2) the answer shouldn’t say one QB is better overall than the other. and 3) It should sorta take a stand and give an answer. Kinda.

I think ideally, he’d rotate the answers around so he doesn’t become known for one, canned answer. That way the fans think he’s giving their original question some original thought.


So here are 6 possible answers that he could use to sorta satisfy nearly everyone while saying nothing at all.

1. “Peyton threw a better deep ball, but Brady can fit the ball into a tighter window in the slot”.

If Welker said that on national TV neither QB would call him and say, “Dude what the hell??”.  Plus, it could be true too, who would we be to question the guy we just asked?

2. “I’d take Peyton to get me a clutch TD, but Brady to win a clutch game

This is a great, useless answer. You know if Welker replied with that answer Chris Berman he’d say, “Wowww….Interesting…..Hmmmmm, I could read a lot into that.” But in fact it hardly makes logical sense as a clutch win would most likely contain clutch TD’s by definition.

3. “Peyton is the better field general, Brady is a better off the field leader/team ambassador

Another BS answer that sounds like he’s pulling back the curtains on two legendary QB’s, so we’d eat it up.

4. Peyton hates losing more, but Tom likes winning more. 

This one would also get an, “Ohhhh, interesting. Ya know? I’ve always thought that” from the sycophant talking heads.

5. Peyton is more fun to play with, Tom is more fun to party with.

Another BS answer, and if Welker got the “what the hell??” call from Brady he could just blame it on Belichick .

6. Peyton is better at 1st and goal from their 10 yard line, Brady is better at 3rd and 10 from your own 10 yard line.

The specifics in the example would make you think Welker gave this a lot of thought and it’s not a total BS answer to satisfy your curiosity and get you to move onto the next question


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  • #4 is genius. Welker should definitely steal it.

  • Thanks KZD, I bet you're more fun to play with AND party with.

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