Wanna be Original on Social Media? Avoid Beating These Celebrity Dead Horses.

I’m tired of seeing the same celebrity whipping boys/girls get berated for the same tired reasons.

If you’re gonna berate someone (and you should) at least be un-stupid enough to observe these rules: 1) Don’t make fun of a drug addiction, 2) Prior to their stupidity, was there a reasonable expectation of intelligence/maturity from the offending party?, 3) Simply making fun of someone’s shortcomings does not prove you lack those shortcomings, and, 4) Be original.

Below are the six celebrities that I see bashed the most often, and for the same, lame reason.


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  • I gasped when I saw that you were defending Lena and then burst out laughing when you said just kidding. Excellent juxtaposition there my friend.

  • And I burst out laughing when I read your comment! Thanks Kathy. I'm glad it had the intended result and thanks for letting me know!

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