5 Worst Trends of Summer 2013

5 Worst Trends of Summer 2013

I can promise that you will not see Robin Thicke’s name anywhere on this list.

5. Color Runs:  I imagine a group of runners got together and had the following conversation:

“I don’t think enough people know that we are running 5ks.  Simply walking around the rest of the day with our registration number pinned to us isn’t drawing enough attention.  I need everyone in Chicago to know that a) I run and b) I run for charity.”

“Well, in college, I went to this graffiti party where we all wore white shirts and drew all over them.”

“Perfect.  Let’s do the same thing but throw bright paint all over ourselves and then not shower for at least 24 hours.”

4. High Waisted Shorts on Girls: Nothing says sexy like pants that button higher on your torso than mom jeans…

3.  People Opining about Trayvon Martin on Facebook:  Old people, thanks for ruining Facebook.  Apparently ruining the economy, environment and our political system wasn’t enough.

However, shout out to Instagram for giving us a place to look at pictures of hot people without having our Dad’s friend’s political views jammed down our throat.

2. Every new restaurant using “small plates”:  I used to be able to order a meal and devour it like the American I am.  Now, I have to come to a democratic decision on what “small plates” the group can all agree they like, ask the waitress about how many “small plates” we need to order for us all to get full, and then neurotically worry throughout the meal if I am eating more than my share of the group’s food.

1. Paleo Diet:  Didn’t we evolve as a species so we didn’t have to keep living like savages in caves who scrounge for food?  Didn’t this diet already die out like 8 years ago when it was called the Atkins Diet?



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  • Thank you! I am sooooo tired of small plates. Stop trying to charge me a ton of money for bite-sized items. I want a heaping bowl of pasta, not one spoonful.

  • In the 1980's, the Dept. of Agriculture in all it's wisdom changed the daily recommended amount of carbohydrates from 3-4 to 6-11.

    A Harvard study ending in 2008, concluded that obesity rates had doubled in this 28 year period. 68% of all Americans were now overweight in 2008, with 34% considered obese. 5 years later these numbers are even worse.

    BTW, it's the Dept. of Agriculture who is responsible for giving food stamps to some 47.5 hungry Americans, adding a healthy 'bottom line' to the industry.

    So enjoy your evolved diet.



  • In reply to 4zen:

    47.5 million

  • The color runs just have me scratching my head. I hope this trend doesn't spread. Color movies? Go in clean, watch a movie and come out filthy? Makes just as much sense.

  • # 4 was in full force at Lollapalooza this weekend. Square butts abound.

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    What about the trend of wearing "granny panties" that is supposedly popular now? I don't know if I agree that was ever in-style, let alone in-style "again"

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