10 Other Times We Kicked England's Ass Since the Revolutionary War

July, 4th celebrates our Independence from England and we all know how we gained that independence- by kicking England’s ass. That’s the whole reason we actually celebrate Independence Day (e.g. fireworks, grilling, drinking)  instead of merely observing it like we do Memorial Day (e.g. grilling, drinking) or Veteran’s Day (e.g. grilling, drinking) or Flag Day (drinking) or Arbor Day (drinking).

Not only do we as Americans posses this wonderful gift of freedom, but we acquired it victoriously, so of course we are going to celebrating our victory that we still appreciate everyday. But let’s not get caught up in celebrating our victory- let’s take some time to humiliate the loser!


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  • I think we got over "kicking England (a.k.a. Great Britain) long ago. Since the end of that madness called the War of 1812. Read Dennis Byrne's book on the subject.

    If your thesis were right, then explain why our actions in WWI and II.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


    On innumerable occasions since 1776 entities from England have competed against entities from the United States. The yin to that yang is of course that countless collaborations between the two nations have occurred as well. My list enumerated 10 instantiations of the former, and your comment referred to two of the latter. I think the logical thrust of your argument was something along the lines of, "The US won 10 competitions with England, but how do you explain that these two countries collaborated on two occasions?". The logician in me does not know how two collaborations disprove the existence of documented (and undocumented) conflicts. If, however, the logician in you knows, I'd gladly listen.

    Additionally, I do not recall formulating a thesis and I never alleged Americans were not over the Revolution. Currently, I'm unfamiliar with examples of winners not being over their victories, but again, I welcome your insight.

  • You make me laugh. This is just silly fun!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Awww, thanks! That was my favorite comment in a while, Keezus!

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