I Thought of Another Triple Entendre

I Thought of Another Triple Entendre

In August of 2011 I thought of a triple entendre and I think I finally thought of another one, seven months later. I hope that my readers who fancy themselves to be triple entendre purists can forgive that one of the plays-on-words is a play on the words sounding alike, but being spelled differently. Here goes.

Imagine there is a company called Contra and they make wedding bands for men. One of their most popular lines happens to be a wedding band inspired by the video game every guy my age remembers, Contra. Being pun enthusiasts they call it the Contra Band (first usage).

One day, a nearby jewelry store, who sells the popular Contraband was robbed. The thieves came in and stole all 50 of their Contra Bands. The next day at the Contra, several of the male employees were now wearing what appeared to be new Contra Bands. When their boss figured out what was going on, he told the Contra-Band-wearing men that they were wearing stolen property, and the owning, or selling of contraband (2nd usage) was not permitted at Contra. Later that day the company issued a memo that announced an immediate, and company-wide ban (third usage) on men wearing that line of wedding ring.

Contra banned the contraband Contra Bands.




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  • That made my brain hurt.

  • I thought of a triple enterdre!

    There's a band called Metal Art (first usage) who plays a new genre of music that combines metal and classical that impresses critics so much they can only call it art. Well, "metal art" (second usage).

    The band has quite a fan base who send them lots of letters, poems and even sculptures. One such fan makes a sculpture made of copper that includes a hidden music box that plays the band's top hits. It's literal metal art of the band Metal Art celebrating metal art.

    Triple entendre?

    (PS- Thank you for introducing me to a deliciously geeky thinky pastime.)

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    PS, I guess it would be like if a band were named Rock, they play rock music and someone carves a sculpture out of rock to commemorate them.

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    Welcome to the Delicious Geek Club and thanks for reading!

    I gave it some thought and I'm not sure if ours are triple entendres since they rely heavily on proper nouns e.g. (If a guy were named Show, then there was a tv show about him called the Show Show, then when you showed someone that show, you'd Show the Show Show. It's a lot easier when you get to name things uncommon names- like when I named both the company and ring "Contra" and you had a genre and band by the same name.

    That doesn't mean we can't do it, but I'm not sure we've hit the nail on the head just yet.

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Well then, we'll have to keep working. Onward!

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