5 Replies to Rick Perry's Un-Jesus-Like Remarks About Wendy Davis

5 Replies to Rick Perry's Un-Jesus-Like Remarks About Wendy Davis

Texas-sized  a-hole Rick Perry still has it! He recently brought up her teenage sex life while attempting to discredit her ideas as a 50-year old Harvard Law School grad and Texas State Senator. Upon hearing that, a few replies came to mind.

1. So because she had a baby before marriage  her logic-based arguments are invalid?

2. That’s true, she  used to be a teen mom- but you ARE Rick Perry*.


3. …”and, let’s see. I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.”.

4. So Jesus  is strongly AGAINST  people using their own bodies to act in accordance with their biological instincts in consenting physical congress, but he is totally FOR executing the mentally handicapped? Got it.

5. If you want to be like Jesus, instead of rejecting Wendy Davis’ ideas because you think she’s a  bit of a, “Mary Magdalene”, shouldn’t you befriend her and listen to her plight kinda like Jesus did?



*-big ups to Mr. Bergstrom


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  • Funny about you progressives: Jesus only seems to matter when you are trying to insult or degrade someone who might have conservative views.

    Where is your "Jesus" moment with Paula Deen?

    Thought so....crickets. Nothing but crickets.


  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Perry thinks pre-marital sex is wrong because of Jesus. Paula's ignorance has nothing to do with religion.

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Still, TRS, it's about WWJD, the way I read you.

    How come Jesus does not exist for you except to point out what you consider to be inconsistencies with those who profess to be Christian?

    Be honest: Jesus or no Jesus, you would crucify Paula.

    You ain't foolin' nobody nohow.

    If Perry were an atheist, and argued against sex outside of marriage, you would not even have written this.

    Intellectual honesty is not your strong suit.

  • Rich, it's typical lefty tripe. They fight for the respect of gays, but have no problem making a lowbrow gay crack at people they don't like. And look, Perry's a crazy white gun-wielder too!

    Wendy Davis is pretty intelligent, but now she's cast her lot in with the "I wanna kill my unborn kid for any reason" crowd. Please note that this bill was to protect unborn children who are already at least SIX MONTHS in development.

    Kill the innocent unborn, but make sure the scumbags in prison are safe; that is the liberal way.

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