5 Reasons to go to Spring Awakening

5 Reasons to go to Spring Awakening

If you are a hardcore EDM fan, this list does not apply to you.  You already bought your tickets months ago and requested Friday, June 14th as well as Monday, June 17th (recovery day) off of work in preparation for this weekend.  This list is for those of you that are on the fence and not sure if you want to deep dive into the EDM scene for 3 straight days.  Sure, you turn up “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia when it comes on your Pandora, but you don’t know if you can handle those types of beats for 3 days.  Well, I was once one of you, and trust me you can and you will love it.

So, without further babbling, here are the 5 reasons to dance your face off all weekend long at Chicago’s best EDM festival, Spring Awakening.

5. It’s not in Joliet: The other big EDM only festival in Chicago, Electronic Daisy Carnival is in Joliet… at a speedway… where people normally go to watch other people try to drive cars faster than other people.  Joliet is so far from Chicago that enough people there like NASCAR to justify building a speedway.  Seriously.  You can’t measure that distance in miles… but if you did, it would be like 50 miles from Chicago.  Spring Awakening is at Soldier Field.  Do I even have to list 4 more reasons?

4.  Same founders as North Coast Music Festival:  Spring Awakening is brought to you by many of the same guys that founded North Coast Music Festival and the best EDM festival in Wisconsin.  In other words, these guys are like the J.J. Abrams of Midwest music festivals.  So, since you are already trusting these guys to close out your summer at North Coast (Labor Day weekend), you might as well trust them to open up your summer as well.

3.  Love for the Local DJs:  The founders of Spring Awakening, as they did with North Coast, invite local DJs to enter a contest in which the two winners gets to play at Spring Awakening.  And who gets to choose the winners?  The fans.  Don’t feel too bad for the runners-up (aka “losers”) because they are invited to play at pre and after parties.  And speaking of after parties…

2.   The After Parties:  If there is one thing I have learned about the EDM scene it’s that the fans love staying up until 5am.  So after you watch the headliners (Moby, Zeds Dead, Calvin Harris) hit the stage at Solider Field, go watch them again at the Mid or House of Blues 3 hours later.

1. EDM fans hate clothes:  Bros in tanks and lacrosse jerseys and girls in… well I’m not even sure what to call this outfit besides awesome.  Man, I really hope I don’t have a daughter. 



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    Spring Awakening will be great. Your list however not so much. Joliet was a great venue for EDC. It is only 40 min from Chicago and thanks to its favorable laws EDC was able to go until 4 am, something no Chicago festival will ever be able to do.

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