Who are Evergreen Grass Band?

Who are Evergreen Grass Band?

This Thursday at Tonic Room, there are some new strings in town.  Thanks to Randal Pink Productions and Eighth Note Booking, Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s four-piece bluegrass ensemble will be pickin’ and tinkerin’ in Chicago.  If you’re on the fence about coming, with a long blade of wheat in your mouth perhaps, here are some downright notable points of interest in regards to them fellas.

1. Evergreen Grass Band is comprised of four members.

Matt Jagow (banjo, vocals) // Tim Litscher (guitar, vocals) // Daniel Turner (bass, vocals) // Adam Seland (Mandolin, vocals).

2. There are a few bands that you may already be familiar with who are reminiscent in sound.

If you enjoy Split Lip Rayfield, Henhouse Prowlers (Sexfist), Pert Near Sandstone, or Devil Makes Three, chances are, you’ll like EGB.

3. They’ve been named The Best Bluegrass Band in Eau Claire by Volume One for three years in a row.

After forming about five years ago, and touring for the last three, The Evergreen Grass Band has been making a name for themselves all over the place, but they haven’t forgotten their roots.  The Eau Claire community has spoken and voted them in as the Best Bluegrass Band in their city the last three years in a row.  See for yourself, as you can stream their music on their website here.

4. EGB is trying to make an impact in their neighboring state of Illinois.

They’ve just recently started playing Illinois consistently, but between this past winter and the upcoming Spring and Summer they will have played Chicago three times.  Everyone loves Chicago, but they’re hitting up all the dirt-kicking soirees south of The City of Big Shoulders as well.  You will also find them at Nippersink Music and Arts Festival, Whippersnap Music Festival (SPOILER ALERT as the lineup is not yet released- WHAMMY), and in Joliet, Peoria, Pekin, and Carbondale as this glorious sunshine continues to make our days a little longer in the coming months.  Is dancing to bluegrass outside in the sun not the way life was meant to be lived?

5. They play both orginals and covers.

Amongst their own fresh tunes, EGB scatters some covers and crowd favorites like The Grateful Dead’s I Know You Rider, and Africa, by Toto, with their own honky-twists and twangs to make them their own.

6. Boys in overalls are just… the best.

That’s all I got to say about that.


Evergreen Grass Band plays at Tonic Room tomorrow, May 9, with support from Coyote Riot.  Doors 8pm, show at 9:30.  $6 at the door, and make sure to tip your bartender.





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