Crosstown Classic Wrigleyville Photo Essay: You Could not cut the Apathy With a Samurai Sword

Now that Dioner Navarro, of all people, is the current leader for Best Crosstown Classic game ever, it’s time to admit that marketing-firm-named Crosstown Classic has never been a classic and has lost just about all of it’s luster.

I took a walk to Wrigley for today’s game- the last of the only four (though one was rained out)  Crosstown Classic games this year. What I saw were empty bars, zero diehard fans, and an overall meh attitude that seemed to reflect the overcast day.


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  • Okay don't be a blogging snob. I sold the Prior, Sosa and Zambrano jerseys at my Memorial Day garage sale. The money feeds my cats and now I don' t have to live in a van down by the river for another week.

  • In reply to Res Judicata:

    I've always been a blogging snob and I'm sorry to hear you had to part with the Prior jersey, RJ! I hope you're living it up in your van on the Gold Coast while the times are good!!

  • You could not have captured the "don't care" zeitgeist of Chicago for this "event" last week any better. I was going to do another post laughing/ripping on how much apathy there was for this series, but I'm afraid. Writing about it subtracts page views from your site

  • Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. I would have been struck by the apathy even if this were against Cincinnati or San Diego, but against the "hated" White Sox, it was really stark- Wrigleyville was a ghost town once you got one block away from Wrigley. I wonder if bar owners even bother circling the Sox/Cubs games on their calendars anymore.

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