12 Things That Have Never Been Said About Social Media

12 Things That Have Never Been Said About Social Media

1. I wish my friends would upload more pics of their food; I’m constantly wondering what it is they’re eating.

2. There is no doubt in my mind that YouTube commenter was popular in middle school.

3. What do you mean you “Opted out” of Facebook’s graph search? Why?

4. The best Tweets are vague ones that can be understood only by the person who tweeted them, or maybe by one other person,  like, “Ughh! Really??”, or “Looks like my weekend plans just got an upgrade ;-)”. When I see them I immediately ask the tweeter to elaborate.

5.  I wouldn’t be having any of these problems if I had Facebook Home.

6. That Vine was entirely necessary; it’s a shame it couldn’t have been longer.

7. That political meme on Facebook made me change my political affiliation.

8. The people I know who least like drawing attention to themselves are all on Instagram.

9. Yeah, I’m on Google+

10. I think it’s sexy that she’s on Facebook all the time.

11. After I opted to, “Skip This Ad” on YouTube, I kinda wonder what happened for the next 80 seconds of that loud commercial.

12. Before I go grocery shopping I am going to check Facebook to see what multinational brands with Facebook pages my friends have Like’d.


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  • My favorite is number 9. Ha ha!

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