A Poem for #StandWithRand Wingman, Texas Senator Ted Cruz

A Poem for #StandWithRand Wingman, Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Drones are a political hot-button topic of mine and I salute Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s taking a stand against them and, in a bit of poetic justice, holding Eric Holder’s feet to the fire.

However, I also noticed that freshman Texas Senator, Ted Cruz held it down as his wing-man in the early hours of the night. I saw that, baby!! I was so moved by his performance that I decided to memorialize that in the medium of poetry.


24 hours ago I thought Senator Ted Cruz suffered from dingbat-denial,
but tonight I think he’s a dingbat I can agree with once in a while.
I haven’t sipped even the teensiest sip of booze all night or day,
But I think I’m kinda cool with Ted Cruz, at least for today.
“He’s too much like Joseph McCarthy”, they say,
“Plus, he’s too dogmatic and no friend to gays.”
He can be stupid, smug and reckless, Senator Ted Cruz,
But I needn’t dislike all his ideas, and it’s my right to choose!!
Don’t ever shoot the messenger, if they didn’t compose it
And when a Texas tea partier talks the truth I won’t oppose it!
It’s fun to watch C-Span for once and cheer with “woo-hoos!”
So fillibust and fillibust you must Senator Cruz, you’re fighting the good fight so please don’t you lose!




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  • Took a lot for Cruz to get an answer from Holder about using drones to kill US citizens. Somehow I don't believe that drones will not be used for this purpose in the future, because the Constitution is view by Obama as "something to get around". He will. People will die.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I'm with you, that's why I felt compelled to write the poem!

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