6 More Reasons Kim Kardashian is STILL is not Actually Pregnant

6 More Reasons Kim Kardashian is STILL is not Actually Pregnant

On January 10th, I told you that Kim Kardashian is not Actually Pregnant. I still think that’s true and I think there is even more evidence now.

1. Kanye’s Work (himself) Out (of the fake Relationship) Plan

After thinking about the surprising way Kanye broke the news of Kim’s pregnancy, I developed another theory to the two I had a few months ago on this topic. I bet Kanye knew he was going to be in Paris making his album now and how could he not be a little annoyed by the Kardashian family?

Maybe he just felt like being a dick and he decided  to announce that Kim was pregnant. He knew full well she wasn’t and he knows she won’t be getting pregnant by him, and he just decided to stick her with all the obligation of either: A) lying about it or, B) faking it then faking a miscarriage.

It’d be great revenge think about it from his F-YOU perspective. He is essentially saying: Here you go! You said you wanted a kid by me for all the fame it’d get you?  Well, you just got the fame that comes with carrying my child and even better-  you don’t actually have to carry a child. After your make your miscarriage  maybe the sympathy you garner will erode the mountain of  bad-will incurred from the Humphries marriage debacle- which is also what you’ve always wanted. Good luck bitch, I’m going to Paris. Oh and your mom is a horrible person. See ya around.

2. Kim’s Stuttering Nightmare on Kimmel after the Announcement<

In all fairness, I’ve seen Kim Kardashian speak on television for a total of about 12 minutes of my life. So I’m not that familiar with her mannerisms, but I am fairly familiar with how expectant mothers beam while gushing about their kids. I’m also familiar with how people look while they’re uncomfortable, nervous and lying.

Every time Kim answers a question it starts with a time wasting, “ummm”, or look at Kourtney to make sure they make up their answer in tandem, or something that makes me think that she is making up the answer and not just thinking of the correct answer that is already in her brain.

This interview is very red-flagy to me.

3. Bringing up “stressing the baby” in Humphries divorce proceedings

As a bachelor, I admit there is a lot of things about expectant mothers I don’t know. But I’ve never heard of one threatening anyone with a miscarriage. Kim threatening Kris with a possible-miscarriage would be like a mother saying, “If you kids don’t keep it down in there you’re gonna make mama miscarry her baby!”.  What person would put that guilt on someone else?

Her recent Mis-SCARE-age struck me as an attempt to prepare us for her fake miscarriage, sort of like how closeted, male teenagers prepare their parents for their coming out announcement by trying out for American Idol.

So with all of that in mind, after Kim’s mis-scare-age certain media outlets reported that they assumed the stress from Kris Humphries was to blame for Kim’s recent mis-SCARE-age.  The reports didn’t admit that Kris Kardashian had promised them exclusive Kardashian access in exchange for the reports, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.

God knows that gossip sites have no scruples, but would they really opine on their own volition  WHY a woman miscarried?? Especially such a famous and influential woman. That sounds fishy to me.

Update: Kim wants her marriage to Kris Humphries to end ASAP, and Kris doesn’t want to testify until after the NBA season ends. So Kim’s lawyers thought they could speed up Kris’s testimony by alleging that his delay is stressing out Kim’s unborn baby.  But the real reason she wants an immediate divorce is because Kris is making producers of Keeping up With the Kardashians testify under oath that the show is fake- and they are. So it isn’t so much that Kim wants an immediate divorce because of the immediacy, but because that would mean she doesn’t have to testify under oath.

Here is a breakdown of possibilities with the Kris Humphries and testimony as I see it: There are two variables here, one is when Kris Humphries will testify or grant the divorce: either before or after her baby is born. The other variable is whether or not Kim’s baby is real. So remembering our Punnett Squares from middle school genetics, here are the four possible combinations of those two variables.


1) Kris grants divorce before birth AND Kim’s kid is real: Clearly, this is the ideal for Kim.

2 ) Kris grants divorce before birth AND kid is not real (miscarriage): This is still ok for Kim. It hides what a fraud her show and family are, and helps people believe she miscarried a baby and not a lie. If this scenario actually played out, Kim would be totally cool with that too.

3) Kris does NOT grant divorce before birth AND baby is real: Kim said she doesn’t want to have one man’s baby while being married to another man. Understandable, but she also got peed on by Ray J for profit, so when did morality creep into this? Is that really less moral than having sex with other men while you’re married?

4) Kris does not grant divorce AND baby is fake: Worst case scenario and Kim’s kareer may be over. She’d have to testify under oath that her show was a lie AND then suffer a miscarriage that will raise all kind of media scrutiny that her brand probably couldn’t recover from.


4. Kanye Didn’t Stop Recording his new Album in Paris to be at Kim’s Fake Bedside

That story isn’t proof that Kim’s baby is fake, but if she were pregnant there is a chance Kanye would halt recording and fly to LA to  be with Kim. Maybe not a 100% chance he’d fly home, but there’s a chance.

But if the baby were fake then he definitely wouldn’t interrupt his recording time and fly to LA to keep up a lie for a chick he may not even be dating anymore.

So despite Kim telling Jimmy Kimmel it’s cute how excited Kanye is to be a dad, Kanye couldn’t be bothered to fly to LA to check up on that whole maybe-being-a-dad thing.

5. We are Positive Kim is Pregnant, how?


The time she appeared to have the biggest baby bump was when she was also the most covered up, for such a skin-shower this seems like a notable coincidence.

Unless you count this awkward get-up that shows more skin, but somehow looks more fake than real. 


Can we at least agree she is wearing booty pads? NO ONE’s butt is that exactly crescent shaped- much less a pregnant woman. So we know she is wearing some kind of padding already.

Oh and MediaTakeOut also has this to say. 

6. Lip Injections

What pregnant woman gets lip injections?
I think Kim knows she isn’t pregnant and has known the whole time she wasn’t and is just faking it until she comes up with a good reason to miscarry.

My guess is that she is waiting for something bad to happen first then she’ll say, “Oh and that made me miscarry.”.  So if something bad happens in the next month or so that will be the reason she miscarries, and if a month goes by with nothing then she will just miscarry and blame Kris. Or Kanye. Or Scott Dissick, or fame. Or say it was God’s will and she’s more determined than ever to be a mom now and when she gets pregnant again it will be the best time of her life so let’s all make sure to watch closely and buy all the magazines that she is on!


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  • I hope to God you are right, these women need to stop reproducing!

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    dude you are paranoid not everything is a conspiracy. Lets see how about the government etc. That's where were getting at. Theres no reason why Kim would lie about being pregnant and its obvious now she really is. No ones going to go that far faking a pregnancy.

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