5 Weirdest Looking College Basketball Coaches

The college basketball coaching world is home of some of the weirdest looking adults on earth.  It’s a world where the likes of the Shermanator, Sloth, Reece Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway’s smile, and Tommy Lee Jones can finally feel like they fit in.  But, in the coaches’ defense, wouldn’t you start to look weird if you had to shamelessly pander to teenage boys in an attempt to get them to play basketball at your school?  Anyway, I’ll shut up and get to the weirdos.


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  • so true abt crean and matta, coach k looks like a rat

  • In reply to Paul M. Banks:

    Sometimes when Crean yells and juts forward, his hair flops and it reminds me of a bird from a Dr. Seuss book kinda.

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