6 Preemptive Super Bowl Commercial Reviews

6 Preemptive Super Bowl Commercial Reviews

Technically, I haven’t seen any Super Bowl commercials just yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t already know what they’ll be like or that I’m not already annoyed by them.

1. That commercial with the monkeys was my favorite. What can I say? I’m a sucker for monkeys with mustaches smoking cigars while they jump rope. Great commercial Quaker Oats!

2. Those Ford and Chevy truck commercials were unreal! I can’t believe they got John Goodman to make his voice even more unnaturally deep and gravelly, while they showed mud splashing against that truck! Those truck commercials are always innovating.


3. A couple of those Budweiser commercials were pretty funny, but they played them 37 times too many. The best one was about the sexually available female who had the dalmatian who rode a Clydesdale  to a football game of dalmatians vs. Clydesdale. Then at the end of the commercial she kicks her boyfriend in the groin.

4. LOVED that Doritos/Mountain Dew commercial where the messy-yet-spikey haired guy wears that short-sleeve button down!

5. Big props to McDonald’s for once again barely mentioning their mostly-natural food, and instead selling their food by showing us how sometimes food can be present when two people are brought closer together- and then showing their logo immediately after making that point. That commercial where the grandmother comes out of a coma to be greeted by her grand kids she hadn’t yet met, while they were eating Big Macs was a lovely narrative.

6. While I believe the premise of that  Miller Lite commercial (that a guy would have male friends over to watch the big game, while they eat and drink), what I cannot believe is that an obese guy in a sports jersey has a sexy wife.

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