11 Huffington Post Headlines You See Everyday

11 Huffington Post Headlines You See Everyday

You can always can count on Huffington Post for two things. 1) Their headlines are only to entice you to click on them, as opposed to actually informing you, and 2) The homepage will have at least three of  the following 11 headlines up at any given time, but usually it’s closer to six.

1.  WATCH: This Video, Which we Won’t Describe, Looks Innocuous  but it’s EPIC!

2. (Female celebrity) Shows Sideboob!

3. Is this the Skimpiest Bikini/ skirt/top/shorts  ever?

4. Guess the Celebrity in this 4th Grade Picture

5. You Won’t Believe the Bigoted Comment Made by This Republican/Southerner

6. WATCH: Bill O’Reilly/Ann Coulter Scream About X.

7. WATCH: Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert TOTALLY Make fun of X

8. 6  Things you can do with Your iPhone, but Probably Aren’t

9. Check out this Photoshop FAIL in Women’s Fashion!!

10. 8 Summer Fruits and Vegetables  NOT to buy Organic

10. Paul Krugman of the New York Times says he told ya so



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  • Great post! Very true!

  • I love that the ad that displayed when I read this was a HuffingtonPost ad. Almost as funny as the list.

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