Stupid Week Day 2: 15 Stupidest Looking Dude Celebrities

Stupid Week Day 2: 15 Stupidest Looking Dude Celebrities

Day of Stupid Week, after yesterday’s: Why it’s Stupid to Think Kanye and Kim Kardashian are a real couple. Now on to today’s.

Only one criterion for this list: No fictional characters allowed. These have to be the person in real life. Also, these are in no particular order and I’m not implying anything about their actual intelligence. Please make no mistake: I’m judging the book by the cover here.

Josh Hartnett


Vampire-chasers stay vigilant for people who have no reflection in mirrors; I tend to be wary of people who look 0% more intelligent while wearing glasses.

Kevin Federline

It’s just like sometimes man, it’s like……I don’t know…..

Keanu Reeves

I wonder why 7 is on odd number but 6 isn’t. the word six sounds more odd to me.

Ashton Kutcher

If PEOPLE THOUGHT that I were a little SMARTER, I wouldn’t have TO SHOUT ALL THE TIME.

Kris Humphries

Then this other time I had like 6 donut holes in my mouth and I farted real loud. Man, it was the best Thanksgiving dinner prank ever.


Peyton and Eli Manning

For years my friends and I have referred to Peyton and Eli as The Goober, and the Uber-Goober, (dis)respectively.


Teddy Atlas

If brains were dynamite, it looks like old Teddy wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose.

 Gary Dell’Abate AKA Baba Booey

Howard Stern’s Executive Producer would  look more at home as a men’s room attendant in a Sicilian cockfight than in a boardroom.

Wayne Rooney

If the word for penis were “renis” would you say, “I gotta go to the bathroom and take a ree”?


Adam Dunn

Have I ever peed on a live skunk? Yes.  I mean, no comment.

Jim Breuer

Jim has joked for years about looking like he’s high, so he already beat me to the punch line.

Lenny Dykstra

Ok, now point with your right hand and  make your best face that says, ‘I’m not too good at pronouncing words correctly’.

Taylor Lautner


Photoshoot Director: Ok Taylor, look subtly bewildered.

Taylor: Huh?

Photo Director: That’s perfect! Hold that look….


Bobby Brown

The thousand words have already been said with this picture.


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  • But what about third brother Cooper, who was on The Simpsons? Would he be the Cooper Goober or the Goober Cooper?

  • Great question and the answer is: The Gubber.

    I read an interview with Cooper in Sports Illustrated years back and he lectured the author how his name is pronounced "cupper" because you pronounce "cookie" with the short O sound and not "COO-kie". Yet we pronounce a chicken "coop" as "cOOp" and not "cup" and we don't pronounce "poop" as "pup".

    When Cooper is brought up among my friends someone usually asks if we think Cupper has to go "pup" or wonder if Cupper has ever read a "buck" instead of "book", or if he likes to hula hup.

  • Forgot Stephen Baldwin.

    My brother-in-law and sister called me this weekend to break that news to me.*Sigh* They let me down easy though.

  • This was hilarious, although I believe Blake Griffin shouldve made the list as well. He just looks outright dumb and, shall I say, a bit slow.

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