Justin Bieber's History With Violence

Justin Bieber's History With Violence

On Sunday May 27th Justin Bieber punched a paparazzo in the jaw, hospitalizing the wussy man.

Could we have seen this coming? Let’s check out Justin’s history with violence and see if we can pinpoint a few warning signs of malice- like did he just hang out with Mike Tyson right beforehand or something?


1. January of 19th, 2007

Justin Bieber’s mother upload this video of a 12-ear old Justin singing “So Sick” by Ne-Yo.

Threat Level: Pink? or like Clear?  Or a 0/10. A 12 year old Canadian boy  singing about longing for a lost love sounds about as threatening as a fawn grazing in a dewy pasture.


2. May 6th, 2012


Justin is invited by Floyd Mayweather to join Lil Wayne and 50 Cent as part of his ring entourage. One can assume this planted the seed of Justin’s newly manifested-blood lust. I say that because I just assumed when he saw this pic he thought, ” If I had Weezy’s grill, between my androdgynous-new-age-vampire looks and international mega-stardom,  I bet I could really bite open a lot of necks”.

Threat Level: Royal Blue or 4/10. I’d feel pretty badass hanging out with these guys, I’m sure The Biebs was no different.


3. May 21st, 2012.

False alarm about Bieb maybe bein a hardass now. That dream died when A Basketball Jones posted this hilarious Bieb meme, again looking VERY non-threatening, just 6 days prior to getting his photog punch on.


Threat Level: Mauve or 2/10. He looks pretty sedate.


4. May 27th, PTP (Prior To Punching)

"If you see a pap with a camera in front of his junk, hit him in the jaw or in the gut like this."

From Mike Tyson’s Instagram

Justin trains with Mike Tyson, as seen below.


Threat Level: Navy Blue or 5/10. Leaving the gym I’m sure he has some adrenaline going, butt he little guy’s upper body has to be worn out.


5. May 27th, 2012

Justin Bieber was question by police for  punching a paparazzo in the face.

Apparently he felt his space was violated, and he hit him in the jaw. After the police arrived the photographer later went to the hospital, but my guess is that was just for precaution/step 1 of his attempted cash grab from all of this.

But it’s still awesome The Bieb punched him.

photo from msn


Threat Level: Black, or 10/10.

What I want to know is did Tyson have beef with the pap before this? I’m wondering if Tyson went Mancurian Candidate on little Justin and subconsciously programmed him to harm a photographer that Tyson was unhappy with. Imagine if Tyson programmed The Bieb to carry out all of his repressed rage?  That’s 10 outta 10 scary.

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