7 Things I Find Attractive in Women now that I'm 30

 7 Things I Find Attractive in Women now that I'm 30

I’ve come to admit that when you turn 30 you start to get a little weird.  Nothing too weird, but I’ve noticed that as a 32 year old bachelor I find certain things sexy about women that I didn’t when I was younger. I’m not claiming these are all super-important personality traits, but they still factor into my overall character assessment, nonetheless.

The pattern I’m noticing is that I’m becoming more attracted to the cerebral aspects of women, things like…

Says no to Soda

I’ll give you a $100 when you catch me saying, “Dang, that gorgeous, intriguing, health-conscious, cosmopolitan well-read woman sure looks sexy drinking that cola”.

Owns a Library Card

Who even has a library card? Smart chicks with a sense of community who read  so much they’d  prefer the free and unlimited plan, that’s who.

Her Dog Obeys Her

I am too old to pretend it’s cute when a girl’s dog is a moron. Your pet is a reflection of you, and if your Rottweiler sits when you snap and point, you have my attention.

Refrigerator is Responsible

I know the 22 year old TR Slyder would be disappointed to know that I’d scrutinize a woman’s refrigerator and pantry, but it happens at this age.  Like the Anthelme Brillat-Savarin quotation says at the beginning of  Iron Chef episode, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

[note: I’d be happy to judge you anyway, even if you don’t tell me what you eat. Just letting you know the offer is on the table]

Productive Hobby

In college I wanted a girl’s hobby to be tanning or kick boxing or something that made her hotter. Now I’d prefer something productive that won’t diminish over time. I don’t even care what, just something that isn’t shopping or television-based. Gardening, knitting, art appreciation, reading, yoga, I’m open to suggestion.

Laid Back and Elegantly Simple

Lately I’ve realized I’m good at putting stress on myself, so I’m better off with a mate that won’t exacerbate my stress. A partner can add to the stress or they can add to your tranquility and I prefer the latter.

 Embraces Information

Reading a newspaper on a Sunday in a ponytail, PJ pants and glasses is a lot sexier than watching a Real Housewives marathon while wearing lingerie.

Your Ex-Boyfriends are guys I can Respect

Wait, so your last boyfriend was 25 years older than you and still owes you money? Oh man, that really IS funny, you are right to laugh, but it begs the question: Where did you put my shoes? I’m trying to get the hell out of your apartment.


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  • I hope you find your special lady! If I had a "laid-back and elegant simple" twin, I'm sure you'd get along with her.

  • Really Good list. Personally, I'd add one more. Appreciates older, classic movies. Much more love if she says the folllowing, "I just got that John Wayne movie you love from Netflix today!"

  • LIAR... man's desire for "something that made her hotter" never dissipates

  • They are better in bed. You benefit from all that experience of "modern women". lol

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    I'd like to set you up with a close friend of mine, are you available?

  • In reply to Susan Irvine Dudik:

    Please submit all referrals to TRSlyder@yahoo.com?

  • Listens to music. Jazz or Blues or Classical or Opera.

    If the top 10 played contains LMFAO, then she's still a child.

  • In reply to Gibbon Jockey:

    What fun is that? I'm sexy and I know it, even at 42. Party rock is in my house every night. A little LMFAO is never a bad thing, especially when accompanied by a healthy dose of NPR.

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    Make sure you keep the doses healthy. Excessive listening can result in drowsiness. So we can't recommend it while operating heavy machinery.

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    This is great. And the refrigerator checking is not so weird; a few guys have checked out my frosty wares.

  • I'm ok with checking out the fridge or pantry if you have reason to be in there. But I've had girls just walk over and open it just to judge ("A mortar and pestle, really- do you even use that thing??") and that's when it becomes less awesome. Good to hear you "ware" to share, cmfc ;-)

  • I loved this so much I wrote a response: http://coevolvecoaching.com/2012/04/17/7-things-i-find-sexy-in-men-now-that-im-40/

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    In reply to Jessica:

    Same here!

    These are the things I find sexy now that I've turned 90...


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    I have a small problem with the fridge check, my mother does that whenever she stops by to visit. I don't keep a whole lot of items, I only purchase what I need for the next day or two. One of the perks of living almost next to a market, I always have fresh food, and we waste less.

  • I think I fit most of these, except the dog part (because I don't have one) and the library card. Maybe that's why I'm 27 and tend to attract older men. Unfortunately, they're often MUCH older men who I'm not the least bit attracted to. My fridge usually has healthy stuff because I'm vegetarian, but I do have a sweet tooth. As another poster said, I'm more likely to judge someone on his taste in music than anything.

  • I love that yoga is one of the "not-to-make-her-sexier" potential hobbies. Yoga can make you look killah sexy!

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    You make an excellent point. I should have noted the overlap. Thank you for reading and pointing that out.

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    I haven't had soda in 20 years, I have a library card for my city and my county which I use at least monthly, have 3 well behaved dogs, rescue dogs as a hobby, eat organic, and am as laid back and simple as you can find. I guess that's why I was snatched up by my now husband at 18 :P

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    Assuming #8 is just a bonus point question, I just aced it!

  • In reply to Crystal Palermo:

    Ma'am *tips the bill of my imaginary cap*. Thanks for reading!

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