6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on

6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on

We all know she died, and we all know she was “troubled” and by “troubled” I mean a recovering drug addict. So what’s next?

1. Countdown for Ray-J and Bobby Brown to try profit from this in 4…3…2…

Bobby I can understand wanting to profit from this as  he and Whitney have a daughter together so it’s in the best interest of a child. But you know Ray J’s shady ass will try to profit from this any way he can. I’m reading that he was with her the night she died and in the days and weeks leading up to it.

I just hope in Ray’s confesssions he admits that he liked a drugged out Whitney because she sorta looked like his mom, who he has a really creepy relationship with. I just hope he didn’t pee on Whitney like he did Kim Kardashian in their sex tape. God, that guy is  creepy.

2. People and Media Outlets who Laughed at her Addiction are now Publicly Grieving 

Last night while going to commercial,  Saturday Night Live showed a picture of Whitney Houston on SNL when she appeared with Molly Shannon in a Mary Katherine Gallagher sketch. While the picture was shown no words were spoken or text written, just her picture in silence. It seemed like a sweet memorial until I remembered how much mileage Maya Rudolph got from portraying a sweaty, jittery, mostly-coherent, drug ravaged Whitney Houston.

Ms. Rudolph, you lost your right to greive for her publicly when you elicited laughs and money for lambasting her addiction.

Your move, late night talk show hosts.

3. Media Fight!

I love being in the internet age and monitoring which sites break what news first. When Michael Jackson died I remember TMZ being the first to declare him dead (by about 30 minutes) so I thought they kind of won that round. They’re now leading us to believe that pain killers may have played a role in her death- however, MediaTakeOut speculated last night about a pills-related suicide AND they ran pictures of her last week with large cuts on her wrists, possibly foreshadowing a suicide.

The winner of this fight is still TBD, but it looks like MediaTakeOut is narrowly the current leader over CrazyDaysAndNights and TMZ.

4.  Changes for Lindsay Lohan?

Now whenever a celebrity dies early from drugs a common refrain in the media is, “I hope Lindsay Lohan is paying attention….” which is a convenient one because it implies concern. But the same sites showering us with shimmering memories of our lost songbird Whitney are the ones who love pointint-and-laughing at Ms. Lohan for falling down in public figuratively and literally.

My guess is they will quickly stop feigning concern for her and revert to shilling their exclusive pics of vomit on her shirt while leaving a club shortly. For those of you who never understood the maxim that the media builds celebrities up just to tear them down- this is a gilded example.

5. How Death Colors People’s Opinions

My Freshman year of college my RA  died in his sleep of natural causes (due to a congenital issue his family knew of that we students did not). He was a super nice person and a great RA, even if he was a bit bookish  and not overly cool. When he died I remember the people crying loudest (literally) were the people who said the rudest crap behind his back.  It appeared as though his death made these people’s opinion of him change from “Dork-ass loser” to “Saint that died too early” instantaneously and it nauseated me.

Look for the media to do the same with Whitney.  If you’d ask someone Friday on the street about Whitney they’d probably tell you she’s a crackhead who wasted her talent. Today those same people would tell you she’s a tragic American icon.

Years ago I remember Jay Leno joking, “Whitney performed a few hits on stage, then went backstage and did a few hits afterward too.”.

I bet on Monday he eulogizes a songbird who ultimately collapsed under the burdensome weight of her enormous talent, moreso than some junkie has-been that he profited from joking about. Which leads to me to wonder…


6. Media Coverage of Addiction

The only person in the media I have ever heard say, “I’m not going to make fun of that person because there is nothing funny about addiction” was Tony Kornheiser of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption. With so many people’s lives being affected by addiction, it saddens me that more public figures don’t follow such a policy.

Deaths like Michael Jackson’s, Amy Winehouse’s and now Whitney Houston’s always make me wonder if that will usher in a Kornhesierian era where addiction is not laughed at.

My guess is no, but you can still do your part to not laugh at addiction.


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  • Well done, a truthful story on a difficult topic.

  • Thanks man.

  • I actually think she died of a heart attack. So, I'm expecting in 6-8 weeks, the media jumping on the "heart disease is the biggest killer of AA women" bandwagon. (which it is.)

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