The 5 Worst Haircuts - Coaches Edition

Fellow Lists That Actually Matter writer and all around handsome man, TR Slyder, wrote two hilarious lists on the worst haircuts and hairstyles of all time.  Today we turn our attention to the men on the sidelines who burden us with their unfortunate choice of hairstyles.

New University of Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke speaks during his introductory press confrence at the Junge Family Champions Center on January 12, 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

5. Brady Hoke (University of Michigan’s Messiah):  I haven’t yet decided if this haircut makes him look more like a skinny Tony Siragusa or an over-grown 12-year-old boy.

4. Tony La Russa (Former St. Louis Cardinals Coach and Tea Party groupie):  Tony La Russa got a haircut in 1978, loved it, and then made a blood oath with Tony Danza to never change their look.  Tony 2 eventually broke his word.

3. John Gruden (Former NFL Coach and current jersey chaser / analyst for ESPN):  The man nicknamed “Chucky” not only looks like a doll, but also looks like he has the same hair texture as a doll.

2. Rob Ryan (Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator):  If Jabba the Hutt dressed up as Paula Deen for Halloween, he would come out looking like Rob Ryan

1. Mike Martz (Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator):  Oh.  So this is what an adult dweeb looks like.


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  • Loved the line about T. LaRu. loving his haircut from 1978. After returning home from the haircut he must have looked in the mirror for an hour, gently touching it above his ears, and staring in disbelief at just how amazing his hair looked while he fought back tears.

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