5 Christmas gift ideas for the Chicago sports fan in your life

5 Christmas gift ideas for the Chicago sports fan in your life

Don’t worry all you procrastinators out there.  Here at Lists That Actually Matter we have you covered.  Choose any of these 5 gift options, and we promise your family will finally love you!

5. For the druggy Chicago Sports Fan: a Kingpin Jersey.  Go to the Bears website and personalize yourself a #81 jersey with the name “Kingpin” on it.



4. For the Chicago Cubs fan:  Slacks and a button-down.  A business casual outfit will work great for the Cubs fan in your life because the Cubs best player is their general manager


3. For the Chicago Bears fan:  Give them a brand new Mercedes-Benz, then borrow it and crash it 5 hours later.  Return the next day with an ’07 Chevy Cobalt and apologize for forgetting to get insurance on the Benz.


2. For the Hawks fan: The box-set of the critically acclaimed show, “Community”.  Just like “Community”, the Hawks are great and loaded with talent, but nobody is watching.


1. For the College Sports Fan:  Give him his regular presents while everyone else is opening gifts, then, hours later, secretly give him an envelope with a few hundred dollars in it and tell him he can keep expecting envelopes like this if he announces to the room that you are his favorite family member.

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