Finally! The World's First Triple Entendre!

Finally! The World's First Triple Entendre!



I  admit this is totally uncool, but I think it technically works as a triple entendre so please let me know if you think it qualifies.  Oh seriously though, you’ll feel nerdier after you read it and think about it. So I apologize for that.

Let us imagine I am an inventive and well-respected dessert chef.  My “signature dish” (1st usage) is actually a dish of ice cream where the dish itself is also edible.  The literal dish is made of chocolate sauce that has been cooled and then molded into dish form. However, this chocolate-sauce-dish is not a regularly shaped dish- it’s my literal signature.  In other words,  I took Hershey’s Syrup and signed, “TR Slyder” on a plate, and then cooled it so that so that I could mold it, then molded it into a dish, it would literally be a “signature dish” (2nd usage).

Then when that dish got to be world famous and I wrote a tell-all book, naturally it would be in my unique, (ergo, ” signature”) writing  style about my Signature Dish (the literal signature dish)  I’d titled that book: “My Signature Dish (3rd usage): Dishing the Details About my Signature Dish- the Signature Dish”.


Wouldn’t that qualify as a triple entendre?


(again: my deepest sympathy for having read that)


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  • How has this not gotten more play?? It's a TRIPLE entendre, people!

  • I think it still is a double entendre, although it lacks a risqué sense. The book title is just repetitive.

  • Thanks for reading and letting me know. I respect your opinions and I have no idea how to go about proving something is a triple entendre but my thinking was that I used three different meanings of dish 1. As a bowl you can eat out of, 2. as the name of a serving at a restaurant, and 3. to mean gossip.

    You're also right about "entendre" conveying a pervy meaning. Mine don't fit that definition, but I just thought it made for a better title than "triple pun".

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