5 Must See Early-In-T​he-Day Bands at North Coast

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Nobody needs to tell you to go to North Coast to see Wiz, Guetta, Rusko, Van Ghost, or Common.  That’s why you probably bought the ticket in the first place.  But here’s a list of 5 bands that hit the stage earlier in the day that you absolutely cannot miss.  And don’t tell me you can’t make it because you need sleep.  This is North Coast.  Sleep on Monday.

(Click on each band’s name to listen to their music)

5. Loyal Divide (5pm, Sunday, Magic Hat Local Stage): These guys are incredibly dark, talented, and fun to party with.  Their music sorta sounds like the soundtrack to a nightmare you don’t want to wake up from.  If the vampires in True Blood existed in real life, they would only listen to these guys.  They are on the verge of making it big and it couldn’t be happening to a group of a better people.

4. Soul Rebels (2:30pm, Sunday, North Coast Stage):  When I first heard the name “Soul Rebels”, I thought it was either a sequel to Cool Runnings or a Bob Marley cover band.  Like usual, I was wrong and stupid. 

Soul Rebels blend the sounds of Mardi Gras funk and reggae, and I am pretty sure they throw in some New Orleans Voodoo, as nothing else can explain their ability to get white people to dance.

3. The Right Now (12:30pm, Saturday, North Coast Stage):  The Right Now is an incredible local soul group, led by the super talented (and super hot) Stefanie Berecz.  Stef’s voice could make Adele (aka.JV Amy Winehouse) blush, and has been described as the only thing as beautiful as Justin Bieber’s hair.  This will be a great way to start off your Saturday and let you wash away Friday night’s demons.

2. Rubblebucket (1:30pm, Saturday, Groupon Stage):  After The Right Now slaps a smile on your face walk over to the Groupon Stage and check out the funk band (w/ a dash of soul) that could make even your boss get off his ass and start dancing.  If you hate to be fun and worry-free, this band is probably not for you.

Also, make sure to check out their bassist, Jordan Brooks.  He manages to make the bass cool for the first time since Paul McCartney.

1. Great Divide (1:30pm, Sunday, Groupon Stage):  Great Divide is a great throwback rock band that mixes in just the right amount of blues and funk to make sure you never stop dancing throughout their entire set.  A band comprised primarily of University of Michigan alums will give you the energy you need come Sunday afternoon and will also be able to help you with your math homework.  If you graduated from U of M in the past few years, you probably need no introduction to this band.  In fact, you probably owe them a thank you for making your school feel a little more like Arizona State whenever they hit the stage.  After tearing the roof off of House of Blues in June at Halfway to Chicago Blue Grass and Blues Festivals, these guys are ready to bring their talents to Summer’s Last Stand.

Frontman Teddy Grossman, does a great job at getting the crowd on their feet and drawing young, hot girls closer to the stage.  Sorta like a Dave Matthews that you don’t want to punch in the face.


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