3 Quick Thoughts on the Chicago Sports Weekend

http://www.kukoda.com/wp-content/CardinalProtest.jpg3.  Are their any good looking Cardinals fans?  I just got off a Red Line train full of Cardinals fans going to watch their average baseball team play our joke of a baseball team, and I rediscovered the Cards fanbase is incredibly white and not sexy.   They are sorta look like the Tea Party of the MLB.  Single guys: stay away from Wrigleyville tonight.

2.  Kenny Williams has to be in freak out mode after Cubs GM Jim Hendry got fired.  I imagine Kenny Williams turned to his assistant upon finding out that Hendry got fired and said, “Wait you’re trying to tell me you can get fired if you’re high priced talent doesn’t perform?  … Shit.  Somebody call the Yankees and tell them we’ll give them Adam Dunn for anyone.  I mean anyone besides Jeter.  I can’t believe Minka Kelly is letting that has been play touch-it with her.”

http://www.mastcelebs.net/upload/kriswhite1.jpg1.  The only thing that scares me more than the Bears offensive line this preseason, is Cutler’s overconfidence.  Jay Cutler dumped Kristen Cavallari, and she looks like that picture to the left and he looks like the kid from Two and a Half Men.  Not Ashton Kutcher, the other one.

If Cutler thinks he is hot or good enough to dump K-Cavs than we can look forward to a long season of Cutler believing his arm strength can meet triple coverage.



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  • Great call about the Cardinals fans. This year I walked through Wrigleyville while the Cards played in Wrigley. At first I thought there must be a bacon/mayonnaise/chubby chaser convention in town. When I noticed they were all wearing Cardinals gear I figured out what was going on.

    They are a pale, doughy, malodorous rag-tag bunch and I don't much care for 'em.

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