7 TV Drinking Games Guaranteed to get you Wrecked

7 TV Drinking Games Guaranteed to get you Wrecked


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1. Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm– drink whenever you hear a complaint or whining. My buddies and I created this game out of necessity   when they were moving in to their new apartment but didn’t yet have cable, and had only a DVD player and a few seasons of Seinfeld on DVD. I knew the show was whiny before, but this game really showed me how incessant the complaints are.

Impossibly,  Curb Your Enthusiasm is actually worse. During a big argument at a dinner/gathering  (there’s at least one per episode now right?) you can finish your whole drink in a minute once you take your respective sip for each single complaint uttered.

2. Tosh.0

Drink each time you are glad you aren’t watching this show with your mother and/or in-laws and/or kids.  If you’re glad you aren’t watching this show with your significant other- drink 3 each time you think that.

3. MSNBC or Fox News

Drink each time the person on either of those two networks  says something that implies which political party they feel is superior.

4. SportsCenter

Drink each time the anchor shoehorns in a lame-o catchphrase that he/Linda Cohn hopes will become the next big catchphrase.

5. White Sox Games

Drink for each Hawkism. Whenever Hawk says, “Little chopper two hopper”, “He gone”, “Get on back there stretch, stretch, he looks up you can put it on the board, Yess!!!”, “Hang wiffum”, “Duck snort”, “Mercy!”,  or  “Grab some bench”. And drink 3 times for his two worst- calling players by their first names, and the always forced and often delayed- “Don’t stop now, boyyyyyzzzzz”.

6. The Daily Show

Drink when John Stewart does the intentional, “uh, uh, uh”,  before the punchline as he gazes downward.

7. MTV Reality shows

Drink whenever they show people drinking, or under the influence of alcohol. MTV’s formula for reality shows for the last decade has been simply this, “Get young, good looking people who are sexually active and have nascent, or full-blown drinking problems. Surround them with free alcohol at all times.”


Bonus Movie Drinking Game: Scarface

I made this game up in college after about 3 or 4 beers. Everytime in Scarface someone says, “Mang”, ( “Man”, with a Cuban accent), take a drink.

True story:  after inventing it a few beers deep and playing along from the beginning, I passed out before the movie ended. We counted around 190 Mangs, and I think I had like 6 beers in the first hour. They’ll go 8 or 12 minutes without a single “mang”, then invariably Tony and Manny will argue and it will go something like, “What are ju doing, mang? Come on, mang! Don’t do this, mang! Oh no, mang, come on mang.”.


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  • TR Slyder, killing as always! Keep it up brother.

    And allow me to add one from a friend of mine this week:

    8. John Boehner speech
    Drink each time Boehner says something false or grossly misleading.

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