5 Reasons LeBron and The Miami Heat are Good for the NBA

We wrote this on July 9, 2010, immediately following “The Decision” as our pitch to Jimmy Greenfield to let us idiots have a blog on ChicagoNow.  It’s fun to look back now and see what we were right and wrong about.  And for the first time, we were more right than wrong.” – Lists That Actually Matter

July 9, 2010:

Let me start his off by saying that my interest in the NBA in a post-Jordan world has been the same as that of college lacrosse: I’ll pay attention if nothing else is on, it is the finals, or a player got caught doing something TMZ-worthy. Then, as LeBron started this narcissistic venture that made A-Rod and Tiger look self-aware, rational, and humble, I started to tell my friends 2 things: (1) I hope the Bulls do not get Bron-Bron so no attention is diverted from the Blackhawks, and (2) if he does not sign with the Bulls or Cavaliers, I will never watch the NBA again.

I now take the latter back.  I find myself more into the NBA now than I have since the first week of the Jordan-Wizards debacle.  Why? BECAUSE I F*CKING HATE LEBRON JAMES.  LeBron James just went from loved-superstar to villain faster than Kanye West at an award show.  Mark my words: LeBron’s self-raping of his image may end up being the best thing that ever happened to the NBA.  Why?

Americans love to hate.  As much as we love our heroes, we hate our villains more.

If LeBron lands in Cleveland on “Decision” night, I don’t end up watching the NBA until the next time Kobe’s in the Finals, taking 1 step closer to Jordan as I wipe away tears with my “Repeat the 3-peat” t-shirt.  With LeBron in Miami, I will now follow the Heat like a Tea Party member follows Obama.

Obviously, this is a terrible thing for LeBron’s brand/marketing/image/children.  If you wear a LeBron jersey, and you do not live in Miami, you are an asshole.  And apparently not afraid of showing it.

On the contrary, here are the top 5 reasons I think this is great for the NBA:


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  • Thank you, DanTello for at least being fair. LeBron NEVER said anything about bringing his talents to Allstate Arena, so I think a lot of this criticism is unwarranted.

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